Products For A Light And Healthy Dinner

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Products For A Light And Healthy Dinner

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Dinner is as important a meal as breakfast. Especially for those who are used to working or having fun late. Let's learn more about the dishes that are best eaten in the evening.

Dinner is as important a meal as breakfast. Especially for those who are used to working or having fun late.

Of course, fried potatoes with fatty beef gravy is not an option for food after 6 o'clock in the evening. But if you prepare dinner from light, low-calorie products , then why not?


There are 3 main rules for a healthy dinner . First of all, dinner should not be high in calories - if you are not going to go out, your body simply will not have such a charge of energy. Secondly, dinner should consist of proteins and complex carbohydrates - because simple carbohydrates will immediately be deposited in the form of excess volume on the waist. Thirdly, dinner should be finished 3 hours before bedtime - this is necessary so that the food does not become a stone in the stomach and you wake up in the morning feeling great.

Let's learn more about the dishes that are best eaten in the evening.



Vegetables are an ideal product for any time of the day. It is a mass of fiber that regulates digestion, a source of vitamins, useful trace elements and a minimum of calories. Choose light vegetable dishes for dinner , and as for the recipes - believe me, there is definitely a place to run around and let your imagination run wild.

Baked, boiled or steamed vegetables are perfect for dinner . In addition, vegetables make excellent salads - both warm and cold - which will also become a worthy dinner.


Lean white meat

Protein products are an ideal choice for those who watch their figure: they are quickly absorbed and do not overload the body with a large number of calories or harmful cholesterol. White meat is the record holder for the content of protein, vitamins A, E and B, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

For dinner , it is recommended to eat chicken or turkey - both as a main dish and as an addition to salads. Braised chicken goes great with spinach or honey-mustard dressing, and salad lovers should appreciate this recipe for a warm chicken and avocado salad.

But turkey meat is recognized as the most dietary: it has even fewer calories than chicken, it is absorbed more easily than chicken, and it is digested faster. Turkey is practically free of cholesterol and saturated fat, rich in calcium, sodium and valuable amino acids.



Fish is a great choice for dinner : it is completely absorbed and digested by the body within a couple of hours. Choose low-fat varieties of fish: they have the most positive effect on our body , strengthening immunity and saturating us with important trace elements, such as iodine and fluorine.

Prepare cod for dinner - it is the most dietary fish, besides, it always turns out very tasty, even with kale in garlic sauce, even with tomatoes and thyme.


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