Products For Energy And Vitality

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Products For Energy And Vitality

In this article, learn more about Products For Energy And Vitality. Products that charge energy for the whole day..

Fatty, sweet or too salty dishes easily add extra pounds, and at the same time deprive us of vitality . For your attention , products that will be the best source of healthy and reasonable calories for every day, especially with the arrival of cold weather.

In order to keep the body and mind in shape, not only training is necessary - our well-being and energy level directly depend on what we put on our plate every day. In fact, high-calorie food not only deprives us of energy : after a hearty dinner , the body is focused only on digesting a fatty steak, French fries or a piece of chocolate cake. A balanced menu will help you save energy at any time of the day - and to make it, it is important to learn how to choose healthy and useful products .


Brown rice

It is rich in magnesium, which helps our body produce energy , as well as proteins and slow carbohydrates. This versatile product can be an excellent side dish for fish, poultry or lean meat, and also goes well with fresh and cooked vegetables. An irreplaceable ingredient of a healthy lunch or dinner.



This low-calorie leafy vegetable is an excellent source of iron, which actively participates in the body's energy metabolism . And for iron to be absorbed better, do not forget to season fresh or cooked spinach with a few drops of lemon juice.



They generously supply the body with useful vegetable protein (for which they are especially appreciated by vegetarians) and complex carbohydrates that will maintain a comfortable level of energy throughout the day. Lentils or beans in combination with a fresh salad are a wonderful complex dish even for carnivores.



Like other orange or red vegetables and fruits, carrots are very rich in beta-carotene, a natural pigment that turns into vitamin A during digestion. In turn, this vitamin is a powerful weapon against free radicals that damage body cells every day . In order not to lose its nutritional power , as well as not to get rid of important mineral substances that help fight fatigue and stress, it is better not to boil carrots, but to bake them, steam them or eat them fresh in salads.


Sea fish

Salmon, sardines, herring, mackerel - all these types of fish supply us with indispensable omega-3 acids, which take care of blood vessels, nourish the brain, improve concentration and mood. The protein present in fish is also well absorbed, goes to building muscles and provides a feeling of satiety. Do not forget to include it in your menu 2-3 times a week.



Thanks to the unique structure of egg protein, the human body absorbs it by 97%, and the amino acids present in eggs actively participate in the recovery and building of our muscles. For those who are fond of sports, a farm egg is really not simple, but golden.



It is a natural energy accumulator : almonds are rich in protein, magnesium, copper and riboflavin - vitamin B2, which takes part in important processes occurring in the body . The substances present in almonds also contribute to the neutralization of toxins and support of mental activity. Add some nuts to breakfast or put them in your bag to take with you to work or on the go.



They contain a lot of glucose and fructose, and there is also fiber, which allows you to optimally use the energy of carbohydrates. If you add a banana to breakfast, you will have energy and strength until lunch. It is also a great option for a snack in the middle of a busy working day.



It is a great ally in the fight against fatigue and stress - 1 spoon will cheer up better than a whole can of energy with a dubious chemical composition. Honey is a valuable source of antioxidants (vitamins B and C), as well as minerals and trace elements (magnesium, potassium, copper). Add it to natural yogurt, which can be eaten for breakfast or as an afternoon snack.



Of course, natural, without sugar and various supplements. The proteins present in it are necessary for our muscles, and calcium and magnesium are necessary for optimal recovery after work or training. Fermented milk products also provide us with vitamins B2 and B12, which support brain activity.



They are very rich in pectin - soluble dietary fibers that help the body gradually absorb energy and remove harmful waste products from it. To fight hunger and regain strength in the middle of the day, take an apple with a slice of cheese to the office.



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