With the New Year, many of us make a list of things we want to do or change in our lives. Date 01.01. has become a symbol of a new beginning, many of us accept it as opening a brand new page in our lives, it's time for the long-awaited changes ...

One such often-planned step, perhaps after quitting smoking, is the removal of unnecessary pounds and the acquisition of a brand new figure. Others have simply eaten a little more around the holidays and want to regain their previous weight.

In any case, losing weight should be in a way that does not harm health . Here are some tips on how we can achieve this ...

Given that being overweight is about to become an epidemic , the measures most of us take to reduce it are no less safe. In fact, the path to success lies in the following formula: we need to burn more calories than we provide our body with food.

Nutritionists recommend reducing the total energy value of food during the day by 500 kcal and increasing physical activity . On the other hand, we need to control our diet by reducing the consumption of carbohydrates - be careful even with the amount of whole grains, as well as animal fats and dairy products.


1. Food


We must emphasize fruits , vegetables , skimmed dairy products, egg white, chicken white meat, fish , soy products.

There are also some foods that can help fight weight, such as papaya . The fruit contains two enzymes that are involved in weight loss. As a disadvantage it can be pointed out that the content of enzymes is the highest, while the fruit is green, and then it is not very tasty.

Other foods that would help in a similar situation are: pineapple , hot peppers, coffee, grapefruit , celery, blueberries. We could include them in our menu, avoiding inadvisable products to achieve the desired result in a healthy way.

However, one clarification needs to be made about coffee . It should be used with caution, especially people who suffer from high blood pressure. Even if we are healthy, we should not overdo the invigorating drink, as this can lead to nervousness, anxiety , we become more susceptible to stress.

It is very important to know that weight loss should not exceed about a kilogram per week, depending on the weight gained. Thus, if a person weighs 110 kg, weight loss of 2 kg in one week is permissible. However, when the weight is less, it will be harmful to health. Water

consumption , on the other hand, is an important factor, as in this way the body removes the extra toxins released from the weight loss process and prevents the risk of dehydration.


2. Sports


To achieve the desired result, we must not neglect physical activity . Moreover - it should be an hour every day. However, what the exercises should be depends on the physical preparation of each person. Those who have a well-established regime of sports activities will achieve results by switching to a higher muscle load .

3. Diets


Nutritionists have repeatedly paid attention to diets in order to lose weight quickly . They deprive the body of important substances, and the result can be damage to an important organ.

We should NOT starve, but reduce food consumption by choosing it correctly!

One clever way that can help the endeavor is natural honey . It is one of the most valuable foods known since ancient times and has a number of health benefits, including weight loss.

Combined with warm water, honey can improve digestion and fat breakdown. It can be useful for weight loss when consumed with lemon juice.

According to studies, if we drink a glass of skim milk every morning, we will consume 30% less food at lunch. This is because milk has a high nutritional value and creates a feeling of satiety, scientists explain.