The Dark Side Of Cheatmil

Marko Balašević Author: Marko Balašević Time for reading: ~4 minutes Last Updated: November 23, 2022
The Dark Side Of Cheatmil

Chitmil. Most of all, everyone talks about its benefits, and whether it is really so undeniable. Let's try to understand this issue.

Chitmil . Most of all, everyone talks about its benefits, and whether it is really so undeniable. Let's try to understand this issue.

What is a cheatmail?

To begin with, you should understand the terminology. Cheat meal - cheat meal, which is eliminated from the daily diet, in order to invigorate the body. It looks like this: during the week you follow a diet , eat right, and on one day, for example, on Saturday or Sunday, you allow yourself forbidden foods, and almost anything without restrictions. This kind of eating helps to deceive one's own body and psyche. They were the first to invent and start using cheatmailbodybuilders concerned with effective drying before competition. By the way, there are currently a lot of questions about drying, but not about that now. Since the main goal of bodybuilders in this case is the formation of powerful muscle relief, not weighed down by excess fat and water, the basis of their diet is proteins. Mostly only proteins and some fiber, but no fats and carbohydrates. For them, Sunday is a cherished goal, on which all thoughts and dreams are often focused. After all, you will finally be able to eat normally.


Does the cheatmil work?

Ideally, weight loss occurs during a week of strict restrictions , and cheat meal is necessary for psychological relief. In fact, in the process of such an unscientific nutrition organization , fats and water are lost in the composition of extra kilograms, and, what is so scary for the same bodybuilders, the muscles are built up with such efforts. And on Sunday , the cheat meal becomes another blow to the body: usually by this moment, carbohydrates are extremely wanted, since breakdowns and overeating are difficult to avoid. However, don't worry, because tomorrow a new week will begin - and the diet will start again, so now you can have another burger and fries with a Coke. Often no one thinks about how the digestive tract and, in particular, the pancreas feels. But these are athletes, after all: they usually do not have excess weight , but they have an active physical load. That is, there is every chance that extra calories will be spent. But if ordinary people who lose weight begin to use cheats, the result may be completely different . If there is excess weight and physical activity is weak, chatmil will only worsen the situation.

Remember: to lose weight , you need to eat. Eat tasty, filling and correct, paying attention to the composition of dishes and the size of portions first of all. Each meal should saturate the body with proteins, fats and carbohydrates enough, but without overeating, because if we do not eat, we will lose weight only with a deficit of calories. And a balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner will ensure good health and mood during weight loss , a feeling of satiety and lack of disruptions, a beastly appetite and, of course, good body quality. Most people notice that with a balanced diet , along with extra pounds, cellulite comes, which they could not get rid of with any cosmetology procedures.


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