A healthy and balanced diet, as well as the provision of sufficient physical activity at a young age contribute to prolonging life expectancy, scientists have discovered for the first time.    

Research shows that in addition to exercise and maintaining a normal weight, avoiding alcohol and smoking is important in reducing the risk of developing the disease later in life.  
Many middle-aged people eat unhealthily, and immobility is also a serious problem among the younger generation. Such a lifestyle leads to high blood pressure and cholesterol, the risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease, explains Prof. Kiang Liu from the School of Medicine at Northwestern University in Feinberg, USA.
The study involved 3,000 people. The researchers analyzed data on their health, including blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, body mass index, alcohol use, cigarettes, diet and physical activity. 
According to the results, a healthy lifestyle reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease even in people who are prone to such health problems. This supports the theory that lifestyle may play a more important role than genetics, according to Prof. Kiang Liu.