What Are The Risks Of Being Overweight?

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What Are The Risks Of Being Overweight?

We decided to find out what the problems with excess weight threaten people with, if they are not dealt with.

Many sooner or later in life have problems with excess weight. Someone suffers from this since childhood. It happens that obesity from a well-fed life comes in the middle of life. Weight gain is possible due to various diseases. And even closer to old age, excess fat creates a lot of problems. Sometimes there is an opinion that fat accumulation in a person is related to general progress: the more science and technology make the life of an individual easier, the more obese people are in society. In light of this, fat deposits can be safely called social accumulations. We decided to find out what the problems with excess weight threaten people with, if they are not dealt with.

What are the causes of weight gain in a person 1. Heredity

This is very noticeable when a family with a mother, father, daughter and son enters the elevator and occupies a space designed for eight people. Of course, part of the reason that the children are fat is explained by food addictions in the family, but with the original genetic predisposition, the children in this family have no chance of being thin. If you have problems with excess weight in your family, then you should pay more attention to your diet to reduce the risk of overweight in you or your children.

2. Excessive nutrition

The alimentary factor is of primary importance in most cases of obesity. Extra tasty and high-calorie food will definitely turn into adipose tissue if a person does not spend these large amounts. The human body will do this to conserve energy for the future. In order not to gain weight, you need to eat not too many calories.

3. Sedentary lifestyle

Modern man does not move much. Lazy to exercise the body, starting in the morning. At work you have to sit and look at the monitor. Or sit and talk a lot. Is it a lot to think and sit. In the evening, after returning from a hard day's work, a person sits down on the couch and watches TV. And so all life. Sport will prevent excess weight and keep you in a healthy tone.

4. Diseases of the endocrine system

One of the causes of obesity can be endocrine pathology. For example, changes in the function of the thyroid gland with a decrease in hormone production. Sick people with hypothyroidism will never be able to lose weight until they normalize the functioning of the thyroid gland.

5. Psychogenic factors

In conditions of constant psychological stress, a person tries to level the impact on the psyche by eating stress. This is explained by the fact that when eating delicious food, endorphins are produced in the brain - biologically active substances that provide a lift in mood and a feeling of happiness.

6. Lack of sleep

Sleep can lead to excess weight. More precisely, lack of sleep. When a person does not have the opportunity to sleep at night, he eats more at this time of the day. But food taken at night mostly goes into fat, because carbohydrates and nutrients are not absorbed at night. Biorhythms acquired in the process of evolution provide this to a person.

What can lead to obesity

Problems with excess weight can lead to various pathological conditions in the body. As a rule, these diseases further aggravate obesity, creating a vicious circle from which most sick people cannot find a way out.

1. Diabetic condition

Obesity can affect the pancreas, leading to impaired insulin production and reduced glucose tolerance. Diabetes further affects metabolic problems, preventing a person from breaking the cycle.

2. Hypertension

Excess weight very often contributes to an increase in blood pressure. It is because of the change in vascular tone that hypertension affects the work of the heart, driving a person into a pre-infarction state.

3. Atherosclerosis

Changes in the metabolism of fats provide an increase in the concentration of cholesterol in the blood. Atherosclerotic plaques that are formed can cause blood clots that block the vessel lumen and lead to serious complications.

4. Diseases of the joints

A high load on the joints of the legs in the form of excess weight creates conditions for the pathology of the joints. They simply cannot withstand the constant weight from above. This significantly reduces a person's quality of life due to difficulties in walking. It is very bad when the spine suffers against the background of a change in the influence on it.

5. Psychiatric problems

It is very difficult for a fat person to find himself in society. This applies not only to work, but also to relationships in society. Most healthy people are at best indifferent to fat people. But there may be ridicule and disdain. All this significantly lowers the self-esteem of an overweight person. Or becomes the cause of depression.

6. Increased risk of oncological diseases

It has long been noticed and scientifically proven that some oncological tumors occur much more often against the background of obesity. In men, this is relevant for cancer processes in the intestines and prostate. In women - in the mammary glands and uterus.

How to solve the problem of excess weight

Most often, problems with excess weight can be solved at home, but if this cannot be done, then the help of a specialist may be needed. The best solution to this problem is to consult a doctor. Even if obesity started with overeating, then endocrine pathology was included in the closed circle. In this case, only following a diet will never help.

The diet should be selected together with a nutritionist, because the usual restriction in food may not have the proper effect.


The physical load on the body should be radically revised. You can buy a subscription to a fitness club and use the services of a professional trainer who will choose the right set of exercises for burning fat.

A comprehensive approach to solving the problem of obesity will allow you to lose weight in a fairly short time without harming the body and create conditions for a long, healthy life. The desire to change your lifestyle will help you cope with excess weight and restore the health of your body.


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