If you choose yogurt , you will not go wrong. This product, whose probiotics help against gastrointestinal problems, apparently activates its defenses against infections of the upper respiratory tract. A study from 2011 showed that the bacteria in yogurt contribute to lowering the risk of such a disease better than placebo, otherwise we have long known that with their help it is easier to achieve a balance between beneficial and opportunistic microorganisms in gastrointestinal tract.

Even if you enjoy your favorite milk, but fresh, slightly warmed with honey and cinnamon, you should know that you provide your body with a portion of vitamin D. It is needed not only for the absorption of calcium from food and bone health, but also to keep our immune system in good condition, especially when meeting on the skin with dangerous ultraviolet sunlight. We need vitamin D for a healthy heart and not only!

Doctors at a general hospital in Massachusetts, USA, have found a link between the incidence of upper respiratory tract infections and vitamin D deficiency. The same team last year proved that taking vitamin D supplements in children protects them from colds.


If, however, the flu has knocked you down and you suffer from an unpleasant cough, do not hesitate to add fresh dill to your meals . This spice is characterized by the expectorant effect that has a chronic cough. Dill will not only soothe the sensations in the throat, but will also clear the airways of accumulated mucous secretions.

You can get this effect of the plant mostly if you make tea from its seeds. To do this, a teaspoon and a half of fennel seeds soak for 15 minutes in a cup of boiling water. After draining the seeds, you can sweeten the tea with a teaspoon of honey.