What Products Will Help You Lose Weight

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What Products Will Help You Lose Weight

For your attention, a list of foods that are safe for the figure, which you can eat throughout the day and not worry about losing weight, approved by nutritionists.

For your attention, a list of foods that are safe for the figure , which you can eat throughout the day and not worry about losing weight , approved by nutritionists.

The first group of such products includes carbohydrates with a low glycemic index (<50) and a high content of vegetable fibers. With the help of the glycemic index, it is possible to determine how quickly the product is broken down , eventually turning into glucose - the main source of energy for the body. The faster this process occurs, the higher the glycemic index. Keep in mind that the rate of carbohydrates per day should not exceed 50-65% of the total diet (usually 300 g for inactive people and 600 g for athletes). The second group includes products with a high protein content. The daily rate of proteins is 20-25% of the diet (from 50 to 120 g).




This vegetable normalizes the water-salt balance in the body, preventing fluid stagnation. In addition, the product is rich in fiber, as it cleans the intestines well, improving its work. You can eat zucchini for lunch and dinner: they contain very few calories - 23 kcal per 100 g of product .


Buckwheat porridge

Compared to other cereals, buckwheat contains few carbohydrates. At the same time, it contains useful amino acids, iodine, calcium, zinc, copper, molybdenum, phosphorus, nickel, etc. Buckwheat is also rich in B vitamins, which are responsible for stress resistance. And it contains three times more fiber than millet, oats and rice. A great product for breakfast or lunch.


Oat groats

Oatmeal improves metabolism, accelerating metabolic processes in the body. Thanks to this, weight loss is accelerated. But only if you choose the right oatmeal. Only porridge that needs a long cooking time will be useful. It is good to eat it for breakfast.



Broccoli can be eaten around the clock. 100 g of this product contains only 20-30 kcal. It turns out that the body spends more calories digesting broccoli than it receives from this vegetable. Because of this, broccoli is called a product with a negative calorie content. The main thing is that this product perfectly quenches hunger and suppresses appetite.



They are rich in vitamins and trace elements, and most importantly - fiber, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the intestines. In addition, plant fibers present in bran take a long time to digest and swell in the intestine, creating a feeling of satiety. For some reason, with regular consumption of this product (the norm is 3 tablespoons per day), you can noticeably speed up the process of losing weight .



Apples contain few calories (87 kcal per 100 g of product ). This is why they are so popular for unloading days. However, this applies only to green fruits. In addition, if you make it a rule to eat 2-3 fruits per day, the level of cholesterol in the blood will decrease by as much as 15%.



Legumes are second only to cereal crops in terms of usefulness in the human diet. But most of all, we love them because the dishes turn out to be very filling. Bet on beans in the first half of the day. For example, prepare a healthy salad with chickpeas: mix boiled chickpeas and grated fresh carrots, dress the salad with olive oil, add salt, black pepper, chopped parsley and garlic. A delicious dietary lunch is ready.



Beef is an excellent source of protein: 100 g of product contains about 20 g of protein. Nutritionists recommend eating meat no more than 5 times a week, 150 g per day. With moderate consumption, beef helps to reduce the level of fat and so-called bad cholesterol. But for this theory to work, remove the layers of harmful fat on a piece of beef - they will only increase cholesterol.


White chicken meat

If compared with dark chicken meat, breast contains much less cholesterol and fat. In general, of all types of meat, chicken is the most dietary. It is better to consume the product in boiled or baked form, and use vegetables as a side dish.

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