What To Cook For A Girl?

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What To Cook For A Girl?

What can be easily and quickly prepared for a romantic dinner? All about how to impress a girl with your culinary skills, without knowing how to cook beautifully.

What can be easily and quickly prepared for a romantic dinner? All about how to impress a girl with your culinary skills, without knowing how to cook beautifully.

For boys: simple dinner recipes

Do you want to please your girlfriend and prepare a romantic dinner for her, but you do not know how to cook beautifully? Don't despair, it's very simple! The main secret is that preparing two small portions is usually much easier than preparing the same dish for a family of six.

A win-win option for a romantic dinner would be a combination of wine, meat, chicken or fish with a minimal amount of side dishes (even simple pasta or potatoes) and "taming" elements such as cherry tomatoes, arugula salad or sprigs of rosemary.

We choose the right meat

Remember that most dishes with stewed meat are not very suitable for a beautiful romantic dinner - even meatballs will look more presentable than stewed meat with vegetables. Choose something that only takes a few minutes to fry - it's much easier to cook.


In addition, if you have never fried a real beef steak, it is better not to try to learn before a responsible dinner - most likely, you will simply dry out the meat. Stop at chicken breast, salmon steaks, or supermarket-bought meat or chicken cutlets.

White or red wine?

The main rule for choosing a wine is its compatibility with the main dish. White wine is usually served with white fish and fried chicken breast, both white and red go well with salmon and other parts of chicken, but beef and other meats are always served with red wine. Champagne goes with dessert.

If you don't know much about wine varieties, choose a dry red Cabernet Sauvignon. The grapes from which this wine is made are extremely undemanding to climatic conditions, so it is difficult to spoil such a wine. In addition, it is one of the strongest - about 12-14%.

The less garnish, the better

Abundant food during a romantic dinner definitely does not contribute to further physical activity. Do not forget that your main goal is not to feed the girl for a week ahead, but to surprise her with your culinary skills, setting her up for a pleasant continuation of the evening.


Prepare very little side dish. Fry literally 3-4 small potatoes or 100 g of high-quality Italian pasta - at the same time, choose not spaghetti (they are quite difficult to eat aesthetically and can get dirty), but those that can be easily and quickly handled with a fork.

Recipes and rules of beautiful serving

If even an ordinary iceberg salad gives the dish a "restaurant" impression, then serving it with arugula salad or a sprig of rosemary will turn a banal fried potato with cutlet into an exquisite delicacy. Among other things, arugula goes well with red wine, nuts and cheese.

Use expensive cheese with noble mold as a dessert, serving it with raisins, nuts and grapes. Tell your girlfriend that after eating such cheese, the taste buds on the tongue awaken, revealing new facets of the taste and aroma of wine.

Romantic dinner at home: the main mistake

One of the most important tips for holding a romantic dinner at home is that the kitchen should be as clean as possible by the time you finish cooking. At the end of dinner, you should only remove the plates from the table and smoothly move to the sofa, and not clean the stove and pans.

Do not expect that the girl will clean up the consequences of your culinary activity. If you prepare her a beautiful and tasty dish (frankly speaking, "beautiful" is more important here), leaving the kitchen in its original form after that, she will be ready for anything for you.

Be confident in your abilities

In conclusion, we note that there is no need to bombard the girl with questions like "Well, how did I cook it?" Was it tasty?". Even if it turned out average, she will still say that it was good. However, after asking about it five times, you will definitely feel the falsity in her answers - it will probably upset you.

If you yourself understand that the dish turned out to be mediocre, there is no need to emphasize it with your depressed look. The girl, in fact, does not care what you cook - the main thing for her will be that you really tried to make the dinner pleasant and romantic.


The main thing in a romantic dinner is the right selection of the atmosphere and wine. The dish, in fact, should only be beautiful and simple. Do not try to cook some complicated and unfamiliar recipe, just fry the meat that you know how to fry, add some garnish and greens for decoration.


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