World Food Organizations

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World Food Organizations

Nutrition has always been, is and will be almost the most important problem of humanity. Many are currently thinking about issues such as food quality and safety, the stability and availability of food and resources, and ultimately hunger and poverty in rural and developing countries. Today, these organizations are doing a tremendous job in order to

Nutrition has always been, is and will be almost the most important problem of humanity. Many are currently thinking about issues such as food quality and safety, the stability and availability of food and resources, and ultimately hunger and poverty in rural and developing countries. Today, these organizations are doing tremendous work to ensure food security for the population, develop efficient use of resources, establish organic production and agriculture , and as a result, overcome poverty and hunger around the world.

UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) (International)

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations is an international organization created by the United Nations to control and ensure global food and agriculture security . Among the numerous areas of scientific and research activities of FAO, it is possible to distinguish: exchange of knowledge in the field of food between member states, ensuring the availability of information on food and agriculture for all people who support the policy of reducing hunger and poverty throughout the world, support and development of effective means and agricultural methods, conducting research to solve the main issues and problems of the global food system.



The main task of FAO: ensuring food security for all, namely, guaranteeing regular access of the population to the high-quality food necessary for leading an active and healthy life.

The organization has three main goals:

  • Eradication of hunger , food insecurity and malnutrition.
  • Elimination and stimulation of economic and social development for all.
  • Sustainable management and use of natural resources, including land, water, air, climate and genetic resources for the benefit of present and future generations.


World Food Program (WFP) (International)

The World Food Program of the United Nations is an international organization to combat hunger , created by the United Nations, which collects and distributes food aid to those who need it. It is the largest organization fighting hunger in the world . WFP distributes food to more than 90 million people a year, mainly helping children, refugees, survivors of emergencies (earthquakes, etc.) and the rural poor.


World Vegetable Center (AVRDC) ( Taiwan / International )

The World Vegetable Center is an international non-profit organization whose activities are aimed at reducing hunger and poverty in the world by increasing the production of agricultural products, in particular, vegetables, which can provide humans with all the necessary nutrients and trace elements. The organization cooperates with both private and public partners to ensure research, development of new technologies and their effective use.

Slow Food International ( Italy / International )

An international non-profit organization with supporters in more than 150 countries that emphasizes the importance of quality healthy food and the factors that make it possible, including biodiversity, culture and food awareness. Created in response to the growing popularity of fast food in the world, Slow Food International aims to preserve local food traditions, increase public awareness of food products and make healthy food choices.


International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) ( International )

The International Fund for Agricultural Development is a financial institution established with the support of the United Nations, whose goal is to overcome poverty in agricultural areas and developing countries. IFAD helps empower the rural poor by providing them with the resources they need to establish and develop production.

Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition (BCFN) (Italy)

The work of the organization is to promote the development of science and research in the fight against hunger and malnutrition around the world. Drawing knowledge from various global research projects, BCFN aims to find and develop innovative ideas to solve the problem of food security, as well as to develop effective recommendations for governments around the world. Since its inception, the organization has conducted a number of studies on a wide range of issues, from global obesity to the state of agriculture .


Australian International Food Security Center (AIFSC) ( Australia )

The Australian International Center for Food Security is a non-profit organization whose work is aimed at promoting agricultural innovation and attracting investment in agricultural development projects . Striving to ensure sustainable positions for agriculture and, in particular, innovation in this field, the organization's activities follow specific goals, such as improving nutrition, connecting researchers to industry, and also establishing a supply chain so that farmers can easily display their products on markets

Food First: The Institute for Food and Development Policy (USA/International)

A research and advocacy organization that seeks to address the injustices that cause world hunger . Works with many social movements to strengthen their influence and achieve justice, food security and sovereignty. Believing that change must happen from the ground up, Food First supports the development of an agricultural industry that is based primarily on farmers.


Food & Water Watch (USA)

The activity of the organization is based on the belief that all people have the right to trust the safety of the products they eat and the water they drink. Food & Water Watch is a non-profit organization working to ensure the availability and sustainability of food and water resources. It controls the production of food products and the cleanliness of water supply systems, monitors the state of the environment.


Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) (USA/International)

A research and advocacy organization working to ensure justice and sustainability in food , farming and trade systems around the world. Created in response to the crisis affecting America's family farms, the IATP originally sought to expose the failed policies that drove prices below the cost of production, which led to the collapse of family farms. However, IATP is currently working with organizations around the world to analyze the implications and impacts of global trade agreements, develop environmental models, and stop the overuse of antibiotics in agriculture and aquaculture.

Center for Food Safety (USA)

A non-profit human rights organization that supports food systems that are safe, secure and environmentally sound. A group of lawyers, original agricultural research , and a grassroots organization, CFS's mission is to protect human health and the environment, which is achieved through careful monitoring of the agricultural industry for violations of food safety and environmental laws.


Soil Association (Great Britain)

A British charity that advocates for the organic and healthy food we can get through organic farming and good land use. Founded in 1946, the Soil Association began working to identify the relationship between the use of agricultural technology and agrochemicals and the state of health of humans, plants, animals and their impact on ecosystems. Currently, the organization collaborates with many other organizations to promote and popularize organic production methods and organic products.


Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) (International)

A network of research organizations whose goal is to improve and support food security. Researches rural poverty , health, nutrition and natural resource management. The organization has 15 centers around the world.

Heifer International ( USA / International )

International non-profit organization whose main goal is to overcome hunger and poverty . The organization supports families and communities suffering from hunger, providing them with starting resources and helping poor farmers to properly create sustainable sources of income. Also, Heifer International creates local networks to teach effective farming practices , as well as to bring together different farmers to share experiences, share resources, etc.



The organization was founded by former Peace Corps volunteers - Cynthia Gelman and Gregory Flett. Works with Malian farmers, teaching other farmers effective agricultural tools and methods . The organization also offers small financing and grants to invest in the development of sustainable farming activities.

Growing Power ( USA )

National non-profit organization , whose activities are aimed at supporting people from different walks of life, the conditions in which they live. The organization helps ensure constant and equal access to healthy, high-quality, safe and affordable food for all people. The organization realizes its goal by conducting practical classes, demonstrations, advocacy and providing technical assistance for the development of food systems.

Oxfam International (International)

Through a wide range of approaches and activities, from long-term campaigns such as the Behind the Brands Campaign to protect the labor rights of cocoa farmers, to relief in emergency situations, the organization works to end hunger and poverty in the world.


Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC-United) ( USA )

A propaganda organization that pays special attention to full-time employees of American restaurants. Founded by former restaurant workers, the organization is primarily advocating for higher wages and better working conditions in the restaurant industry.

The Savory Institute (USA/International)

The organization 's activities are aimed at restoring meadows and pastures around the world through holistic management and effective livestock grazing methods. The Savory Institute works to restore land resources and establish organic production by conducting various research, creating market incentives and raising public awareness.


The Center for Studies and Development of Cambodian Agriculture (CEDAC) (Cambodia)

In cooperation with Farmer and Nature Net (FNN), the organization deals with increasing soil fertility while reducing the use of chemicals and fertilizers. CEDAC also supports other innovations and methods, in particular, ecological poultry farming, pig farming, home gardening, aquaculture, composting and multipurpose agriculture .

Chicago Council on Global Affairs Global Agricultural Development Initiative ( USA / International )

The organization deals with the development and globalization of agriculture, and food security by raising awareness and providing resources, information, and policy analysis in the US administration, Congress, and interested experts and organizations.

Ecoagriculture Partners (USA/International)

It supports agricultural associations in the management of their resources and production in order to improve the standard of living of the rural population, preserve biodiversity, and also to produce ecological and organic food products.


EARTH University ( Costa Rica )

A non-profit educational institution located in Costa Rica. The organization's activities are focused on natural resource management and agricultural sciences. The goal of EARTH University is "to train leaders with ethical values ​​to promote sustainable development in the tropics and build a just and prosperous society."

Bioversity International (International)

The organization 's activities are aimed at supporting small farmers in countries whose main activity is agriculture and nature conservation. Boiversity International focuses on agriculture and farming, particularly in communities or countries where large-scale agriculture and production are not possible.


One Acre Fund (USA/Africa)

The organization provides farmers in sub-Saharan Africa with the resources and tools they need to successfully develop their fields and production, such as seeds and fertilizers, credit, access to markets, and agricultural education programs. These services are available at an additional cost to participating farmers.

Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture (USA)

A non- profit organization committed to making the food system healthy, sustainable and accessible for all people. The organization offers cooking classes for everyone, organizes seasonal food markets, etc. The organization 's activities are aimed at showing and teaching people how to create a sustainable farm and how to benefit and profit from it.

WinRock (USA/International)

The organization works primarily with poor rural populations around the world to provide them with the knowledge and resources to empower themselves, use efficient and environmentally sound farming methods , and, as a result, overcome hunger and poverty .


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