10 Foods You Can Eat Differently

Published on: 25/05/2022 | Last Updated: 25/05/2022
10 Foods You Can Eat Differently

We all love to cook dishes simple and not very. We love to surprise loved ones with an interesting presentation of the most ordinary and “earthly” products.

We all love to cook dishes simple and not very. We love to surprise loved ones with an interesting presentation of the most ordinary and “earthly” products. Every time we are looking for new ideas on how to cook and beat the simplest food in an unusual way.

We offer 10 products that can be eaten in a completely different way, creating from them enchanting, unusual, but very tasty dishes for the festive table, for children and just for every day. You will need a little imagination, love and quite a bit of culinary skills. And we'll give you some really cool ideas.


1. Kiwi in chocolate

Children can be involved in the preparation of this dessert. We assure you they will be delighted. Cut the kiwi into thin slices, put on a skewer and dip in melted chocolate. Refrigerate and enjoy a delicious and healthy dessert. The fresh taste of kiwi and chocolate go well together. 


2. Stuffed and Oven Baked Bananas

This is an amazing dessert. It is healthy, easy to prepare, sweet and, of course, very tasty. To pamper your loved ones with sweets, it is not necessary to stand at the stove for half a day. Cut bananas a little, add honey, nuts, chocolate and whatever your stomach desires, and then put in the oven to bake at 180 degrees for 10-15 minutes. 


3. Pizza cake

This pizza is a great solution if you (or the hero of the occasion) do not like sweet things. Instead of a birthday cake, decorate your favorite pizza with candles. It will turn out original, unusual and satisfying. You can make a healthy pizza with a sweet topping - ideal for a children's holiday. 

Recipe for apple pizza with caramel >>>


4. Grilled grapefruit

Surprised? Yes, grapefruits can also be grilled. This is a great dessert if you decide to get out into nature. Cut a grapefruit in half, sprinkle with cinnamon, sprinkle with honey, add nuts - and you will not be dragged by the ears from such a tasty and healthy snack.


5. Banana hot dog

Here's another extremely unusual idea for decorating a dessert. Such a dish will especially delight children. Put a peeled banana into a sweet bun, pour over jam, condensed milk or any sweet sauce - and help yourself. We are sure that if you do not warn guests that they have a banana hot dog in front of them, there will be those who will be very surprised.


6. Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

Everyone's favorite treat - ice cream - meets crispy cookies in this dessert sandwich. You can take any cookies, however, like ice cream. Place a scoop of ice cream between two cookies, press down a little and remove any leftover ice cream. Everything is ready! You can add a sprinkle of chocolate, nuts or sweet candies to the filling. Try it, you will definitely like it. 


7. Buckwheat casserole

This is a great appetizing dish for all lovers of buckwheat porridge. The casserole is healthy and suitable for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can cook it with different ingredients, the main thing - do not spare the cheese for the "hat". If you do not like buckwheat, such a casserole can be made from any cereal, just adjust the cooking time, because. each cereal requires a certain amount of time. 

Learn how to cook buckwheat casserole here >>>


8. Tomato jam

Surely you love jam. But who said that jam is made only from fruits and berries? And what about tomatoes? Sweet tomato jam can be spread on bread or served as a sauce for meat. The main thing when preparing jam is to choose sweet and ripe tomatoes. 

Recipe for tomato jam >>>


9. Herring rolls under a fur coat

Herring under a fur coat is a traditional salad that appears on New Year's tables in 95% of Russian families. We offer an interesting serving in the form of Japanese rolls: the taste is the same, but the presentation is completely different. This is a great appetizer for buffets or holiday tables. 

Step-by-step recipe for making herring rolls under a fur coat >>>


10. Watermelon and mozzarella skewers

In the autumn-summer period, try an unusual combination of your favorite watermelon with cheese. It turns out an excellent snack, which is conveniently served on skewers. To do this, use mozzarella: it has a fairly neutral taste and holds on skewers as it should. It turns out an unusual and very interesting kebab. The taste is the bomb!

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