10 Weight Loss Rules That Really Work

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10 Weight Loss Rules That Really Work

Do you dream of improving your figure without diets and heavy physical exercises? Here are 10 weight loss rules that really work.

Do you dream of improving your figure without diets and heavy physical exercises? Here are 10 weight loss rules that really work.

It is no secret that success in losing weight depends on compliance with the basic conditions: proper nutrition and its regime, more movement and suitable motivation. Apparently, everything is simple. However, many people who want to lose weight are familiar with the problem when diets and physical exercises do not give the desired result. Temptations prevent you from following strict rules. Or the weight returns after the end of diets and trips to the gym.

But strict dietary restrictions and exhausting sports are not the only way to get rid of extra pounds. By changing some habits that are often neglected, you can improve your figure and physical shape and make your life better. We bring to your attention 10 weight loss rules that really work.

Avoid sugary drinks

People who want to lose weight often do not think about how many extra calories they get from drinks. Meanwhile, the calorie content of a cup of tea with 2 teaspoons of sugar is approximately 70 kcal. For comparison, the calorie content of a cup of tea without additives is about 10 kcal. Given that we usually drink tea several times a day, the daily rate of the drink will correspond to the calorie content of the meal.


Therefore, give up sweet carbonated water, adding sugar to tea or coffee. Replace these drinks with more useful ones: plain water, green tea with lemon.

Drink more plain water

Abundant consumption of a large amount of water is an important condition for natural weight loss. This will enhance nutrient absorption, skin hydration, body detoxification and weight loss. After all, the amount of water that is drunk affects the fat metabolism, helps to reduce appetite in a natural way. Drink 1.5 liters of drinking water every day.

Use small plates

In order to lose excess weight or not gain new weight, it is recommended to eat in small portions. Small plates or saucers are perfect for these purposes. If you put such a portion on a large plate, it may seem that you will remain hungry. It is important to eat slowly so that the body has time to understand that it is full.

Watch your diet

Learn to eat at the same time, do not skip meals. Otherwise, the body will decide that hunger has come and start storing fat. It will be difficult to get rid of it in the future.

Avoid harmful products

Mayonnaise, semi-finished products, chips, croutons, chocolate bars and other useless products can be called a source of empty calories. After all, there are no useful substances in these products, but there are preservatives, trans fats and high calorie content.

Learn how to cook in a steamer. This method of preparation helps preserve vitamins and other useful substances in the products. The dishes will be low-calorie, since you can not add oil during cooking.


If you are losing weight, try not to use seasonings with a specific taste or smell. Seasonings do not belong to harmful products, but they provoke hunger.

Follow the "apple rule"

The desire to have a snack does not always appear from hunger. Thirst can be disguised as hunger. Or you just want to chew out of boredom or when you're in a bad mood. If you have a craving for a snack, think about whether you want an apple. If so, you're probably really hungry.

Use every opportunity to move

Each additional movement is a way to burn even a few extra calories. Therefore, move at any convenient opportunity. These include housework, walking the dog. Stand up and walk while talking on the phone, do squats or stretch while watching TV. When working in the office, get up from your desk every 1-2 hours.

Do morning exercise

Morning exercise will give you a boost of energy for the whole day. In addition, scientific studies show that fat is burned more easily in the morning than in the evening. This is explained by the fact that in the first half of the day the metabolism is set to use energy, including fat.

Get some sleep

The quality of sleep affects the production of appetite hormones leptin and ghrelin. Lack of sleep or restless sleep contribute to a decrease in the concentration of these hormones, which, in turn, leads to the development of obesity.

Your mood for the whole day depends on how much sleep you get. And in a bad mood, it's easy to break down and eat harmful or high-calorie foods.

Get the right motivation

One of the 10 weight loss rules that really work is to define a worthy weight loss goal.

The desire to look attractive, competitive and healthy is a reliable motivation for resisting temptations on the way to a slim figure.



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