Are there foods that specifically support male beauty? It turns out that a selection can be made according to the substances necessary for a man's body. Here are some suggestions:

Tender red meat
Red meat can be very good for health, says Leslie Bonzi, a food consultant for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Tender cuts of beef or pork are high in protein and have a little more fat than chicken breasts.
Red meat is also a good source of leucine . Leucine is an essential amino acid that helps build muscle mass.

Cherry syrup

Cherry syrup mimics the action of some anti-inflammatory drugs without causing side effects, says Bonzi.
The antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatory substances found in cherries help to soothe the muscles after an overload or heavy physical training.

Poor and uneven blood flow in some men can lead to erectile dysfunction. Eating chocolate can help improve blood flow to the body.
A number of studies show that dark chocolate can reduce the level of bad cholesterol, improve blood circulation and maintain normal blood pressure levels.
Of course, the consumption of chocolate should be in normal amounts, due to the danger of gaining extra pounds.

Seafood is a rich source of zinc. Zincis an important trace element for the muscles, the cardiovascular and reproductive systems.
Zinc deficiency in the body can reduce sperm quality and lead to infertility.

Most foods are rich in saturated and trans fats , which are harmful to the body and increase the level of bad cholesterol.
Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fats, which can replace harmful ones and prevent an increase in cholesterol levels.

Oily fish 

such as salmon and flounder are a source of omega-3 fatty acids that protect against cardiovascular disease, cancer and arthritis.
Two servings a week of oily fish can reduce the risk of death from cardiovascular disease, experts say.