20 Foods You Can Freeze

Published on: 25/05/2022 | Last Updated: 25/05/2022
20 Foods You Can Freeze

Sometimes the products remain in excess, and you understand that they will be lost. In such a situation, freezing can save.

Sometimes the products remain in excess, and you understand that they will be lost. In such a situation, freezing can save. We present a list of 20 foods that you can freeze and extend their "life".

Fruits and berries


Many people know that berries and fruits can be frozen. But remember that it is not recommended to freeze strawberries, raspberries and watermelon. After defrosting, they will lose both taste and shape.


Often it is not used to the end and, of course, sour. But it is enough just to pour the milk into a bottle, so that there is room in it, since after freezing the liquids increase in volume, and send it to the freezer. But don't defrost it in the microwave!



Wrap with cling film and send to the freezer. By the way, you can freeze already cut bakery products and pies.


Not everyone likes dried herbs, believing that they lose half of their taste and aroma. To avoid this, freeze your favorite seasonings in water or broth and add to meals as needed.

Casseroles and pies

They can be frozen as a whole, previously transferred to a special paper for freezing, and in portions in cling film.

Vegetables with low water content


During cooking, it happens that we clean and cut too many vegetables. In this case, put them in bags and send them to the freezer. But tomatoes, cucumbers and potatoes should not be stored like this.


As in the case of milk, you just need to pick up a large bottle.


Usually the bread is frozen whole. Cut the loaf with a sharp knife and defrost in portions in the oven or microwave.

Hard cheeses

Cheeses should be stored either as a whole large piece or grated. If you want to preserve already sliced ​​cheese, then sprinkle the pieces of cheese with starch so that they do not stick together when they are thawed. But this can affect the taste of the cheese.

marinated meat

Fill a zip bag with chopped meat, pour over the marinade and you can freeze.



Pancakes with and without filling are easy to freeze and retain their taste perfectly.


Some varieties of rice are cooked for about an hour, which greatly delays the preparation of dishes. Therefore, you can boil rice in advance, freeze it on a tray, then pour it into a bag.


It is best to freeze corn in its own leaves. This will keep the flavor and juiciness.

Mashed potatoes

Fresh potatoes should not be frozen. But you can puree. Roll it into balls, freeze on parchment. Then fold into a bag and store in the freezer.

Fish blanks

The fish should be cut into pieces, roll in batter, spices and breading, and then freeze. So you will always have delicious homemade semi-finished products at hand.

Tomato sauce

Homemade tomato sauces should be cooled and poured into freezer bags.



First, freeze the mushrooms on a tray or parchment. And already hardened, lay out in bags and leave in the freezer.

Cottage cheese

It is recommended to freeze it in glass, ceramic or enamelware so that the curd does not become dry after defrosting.

Potato chips


Chips can be stored in their original packaging. Homemade can also be dried and frozen, we recommend defrosting in the microwave.

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