Feelings of exhaustion and fatigue are often a problem for many and can be due not only to the endless to-do list or lack of sleep , but also to food. We are not talking about those unhealthy foods that are well known to have a similar effect, such as donuts. These are healthy ones that can lead to digestive problems , raise blood sugar levels and literally wake us up at night. 
Here are some of the healthy foods that "suck" our energy ...

1. Oatmeal 

In fact, oatmeal is a great energy food, but adding maple syrup or some extra flavorings also means extra sugar. This leads to a rapid jump in blood sugar levels and a drop in energy a little later. 
The amount of a quarter cup of maple syrup contains about 50 g of sugar. 

2. Nuts

The problem with them is that we can easily overeat, which can lead to fatigue . Nuts are rich in useful fats , which is good for the body, but excessive amounts make it difficult to digest . It can also stimulate the synthesis of hormones that cause drowsiness

3. Red wine

Consumption of wine at bedtime disrupts the sleep cycle , which can cause fatigue the next day. Although one or two glasses can make us sleepy, sleep time is often shorter than usual.
In addition, alcohol dehydrates the body, which is another cause of fatigue and lack of concentration

4. Cafe

In case of sleep problems , it is recommended to drink coffee later in the morning - after the levels of the stress hormone - cortisol , stabilize. When we wake up in the morning, they are usually higher. 
It is important to avoid the consumption of the refreshing drink after 15:00, as there is a risk that it will affect the quality of sleep.