9 Quick And Satisfying Pasta Dishes

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9 Quick And Satisfying Pasta Dishes

Dinner in 20 minutes? Yes it is possible! With pasta, you can cook a thousand dishes, and all of them will be such that you can’t drag the eaters away from the table by the ears!

Dinner in 20 minutes? Yes it is possible! With pasta, you can cook a thousand dishes, and all of them will be such that you can’t drag the eaters away from the table by the ears! With meat, fish, vegetables or cheese - choose your pasta recipe for lunch or dinner.


pasta casseroles

See how to make baked pasta nests >>>

Bakes can be made with spaghetti left over from dinner. Three cheese into the finished pasta, cut the bacon, roll into balls and bread in breadcrumbs. It is very convenient to form casseroles in muffin tins. Lubricate the molds or baking sheet with vegetable oil. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes. Serve hot with your favorite sauce.


Ravioli classic recipe

Detailed ravioli recipe with photos here >>>

Ravioli can be called dumplings, but still the difference with the latter is striking. The ravioli dough is made with eggs and it's just awesome. Choose the filling for ravioli to your taste: meat, vegetable, berry. In the recipe, we suggest making minced pork and beef for the filling. Make a lot of ravioli at once for future use and store in the freezer in a special container. Such a blank is a lifesaver for days and situations when time is running out. We throw homemade (!) ravioli into boiling water - and you're done!  


Casserole with cheese and chicken

Here you will find a step-by-step casserole recipe with a photo >>>

From simple ingredients - chicken, pasta and cheese - you can cook the most delicate and satisfying dish with cheese and cream filling and a crispy crust. We cook pasta, fry the chicken, three are full on a grater. Still have to cook the sauce "Bechamel" and - in the form. Bake in the oven and serve hot. Just a meal! 


Green macaroni and cheese - mac'n'cheese

Step by step recipe with photos here >>>

Lots of cheddar and mozzarella, tender bechamel, colorful parsley and spinach, and wheat shells. Here are all our ingredients for an incredibly delicious dinner. Boil the pasta, prepare the green sauce, three cheddar and cut the mozzarella. We spread our dish in a mold and - in the oven until the cheese is melted. Beauty and deliciousness!


pasta pie

Pasta pie recipe with step by step photos here >>>

Pasta pie will win you over from the first fork! Huge amount of cheese, ham, pasta and egg cream filling. Soft, satisfying, with a golden crispy crust! The pie should be served hot, piping hot. It is very flavorful and super cheesy! Eggs and cream are used as filling, which can be replaced with milk without sacrificing taste. Enjoy!


Spaghetti with boiled pork and cognac

The recipe for spaghetti with cognac is here >>>

Incredible dinner in 30 minutes! Don't worry about cognac, it will evaporate, leaving a wonderful aroma. Chopped onions and apples must be fried, then pour in cognac and, after it has evaporated, boiled pork. All this fried splendor will be poured with sour cream and stewed, and the spaghetti will be boiled as usual. Mix and serve. Just lick your fingers, how delicious!


Macaroni and cheese fast and tasty

Learn how to quickly and tasty cook macaroni and cheese >>>

This dish is super easy and quick. Business something: boil pasta and grate cheese. And if you still have pasta from lunch, and you bought grated cheese, then all that remains is to put everything in a baking dish and send it to the oven. Eat with a big spoon!


Julien in shells

See how to cook julienne in shells simply and quickly >>>

Huge shells can be stuffed with a variety of fillings. We propose to boil the chicken fillet and fry the onion, puree with a blender and - the filling is ready. Boil the shells until al dente, stuff with chicken and sprinkle with grated cheese. It remains only to bake in the oven and eat!


Lasagna soup

Step-by-step recipe for making lasagne soup with a photo >>>

Soup or hot lasagna can be served in portions with basil or in a huge tureen with croutons for a large company. The composition of this unusual soup includes minced meat, tomato paste and pasta. It turns out the soup is incredibly tasty, this is the perfect winter dish. We make and fry meatballs from minced meat, chopped onions, carrots and garlic also need to be fried. Then we mix meatballs and vegetables, add spices and pour water. Throw in the pasta and cook until it's done! Be sure to try!

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