Recently, the topic of healthy eating has become very popular worldwide and mainly in the United States . There was talk of banning various food products, displaying unhealthy advertisements, etc. In addition, the ban on sweetened beverages, including cola , is being considered .

The ban applies to certain norms of sugar content in beverages , up to 16 years. This will completely change the industrial norms and production of cola and other soft drinks.

Specialists monitor the quantities of soft drinksconsumed by citizens in a regular bistro in the United States. They found that consumers consumed an average of 32 grams of sugar from a car or other soft drink alone. This equates to 200 calories a day.

Experts believe that the introduction of certain standards regarding the amount of sugar in sweetened beverages will reduce the accumulation of calories to 62.

In general, the aim is not a total ban on sweetened beverages, but the introduction of certain norms concerning the good health of the consumer.



Obesity and related diseases are alarming in world statistics. They have long displaced malnutrition and infectious diseases from the top of the world's mortality rates.

It is even more shocking that our country is among the leading positions according to the data on overweight. And if a sedentary lifestyle is the number one enemy, then the wrong diet goes hand in hand with it, world experts emphasize again.

It is important to consider overweight as a serious problem and to work towards its reduction. To this end, it is necessary to start with the introduction of new rules to comply with food giants and improve the composition of their products.