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In this article we are going to discuss the techniques of purifying the organism with balanced eating.

Recently, the subject of purification of the organism has become more and more popular. Basic methods of detoxing the body are thought to be the nutritional supplements, starvation and eating regimes that are not properly constructed. All these options are not healthy and are ineffective.


The term detox (derives from detoxification, purification) is most commonly used in medicine and is the procedure of cleansing the body from toxic substances accumulated most often during digestion processes. The organism also has its own detox functions. They are performed by the liver and kidneys.


Detox is required after improper use of harmful substances such as alcohol, drugs, opiates, medications, even when overeating and other food poisoning. The goal is the purification of the body so it can work properly. Think of the "contamination" of the body with toxins as a sink with accumulated limestone.


Detox diets with supplements and homeopathy have no value in conventional science and are considered ineffective.


Food also contains toxins, but in small quantities

We can give an example with the cyanide that can be found in apples in small doses. Cyanide is a poisonous chemical element. The content of cyanide in the apple should not be considered poisonous because it does not affect human health. Accordingly, the apple is not a toxic food.


There is no definite answer as to whether we really need to detox.

It has been found that the consumption of alcohol builds up acetaldehyde in the body, which is responsible for the hangover.


The body gets rid of the toxins by itself.

Accumulated toxins are neutralized and removed from the body by the functions of the liver, kidneys, lungs and skin. They work around the clock to keep the body clean. A problem occurs when we have accumulated such a large amount of toxins at one time that all these organs cannot cope with them. Such example is alcohol poisoning. In most cases of high toxicity, detoxifying should occur in medical establishments, not through a detox diet.


Here are some natural ideas to induce detox or at least to facilitate its better action:

(1) exercise regularly to cause sweating, which ejects toxins through the skin

(2) reduce subcutaneous fats

(3) avoid highly processed foods

(4) restrict alcohol, cigarettes and other harmful substances from your daily life

(5) minimize stress


Accumulation of toxins in the body can cause symptoms that can also be a sign of other problems such as fatigue and weak immune system.


Most detox diets are harmful

Have you ever heard that you should keep a low calorie diet in order to detox yourself? Yes! You should reduce subcutaneous fat, but do not make your health worse by starvation. Starvation excludes vital vitamins from the food, which will affect your overall health.

In addition, rapid weight loss is then followed by equally rapid weight gain.


Consume more fruits and vegetables when detoxifying

This detox technique is the safest of all that you can find on the internet. Keep in mind that you may end up having too much fructose in your body if you decide to turn your daily menu into a "fruit diet". This leads to symptoms such as gas, so those of you who experience gastrointestinal disturbances won’t be happy.


Exclude caffeine and alcohol.

Through this you can achieve better sleep which will positively affect your energy.


Detox is not equivalent to enema.

Many people think they need regular enema to clear their large and small intestines. This statement is very wrong. By performing enema regularly, we discard the good bacteria in our intestinal flora that neutralize the bad bacteria. If you have decided to undergo enema, do not do it often.

In addition to everything that has been said so far, the enema contributes to:

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