Published at: 13/09/2018

In this article we will reveal some untold truths about the so popular 90-day diet for weight loss.

The 90-day diet is based on the separate food diet.

Overall, four cycles of eating are differentiated in this type of diet:

Day 1: Only proteins – meat and dairy products, eggs, fish and vegetables

Day 2: Complex carbohydrates: beans, cereals, root plants and vegetables

Day 3: Simple carbohydrates: sweets, cakes without milk and eggs, ice cream, chocolate, etc.

Day 4: Vitamins – fruits, nuts, seeds, combination with vegetables is allowed


Every 29th day is a Water day which means that you don’t consume food but only water. Right after the end of the Water day come a Vitamin day and a Protein day.

You can eat only between 12 and 20 o’clock, the breakfast consists only of fruits. The dinner meal should be twice smaller than the lunch meal.


You don’t lose weight on the 90-day diet

The difference between the spend calories and those consumed with food is big and this does not allow this diet to show long-lasting results.


The quick weight loss in the beginning is just a deception

The reason for the successful weight loss in the beginning of the diet is the limitation of the carbohydrates and the foods with added salt and sodium which are responsible for the fluid balance in our organism and the amount of stored water in it. Actually we are losing fluids but only in the beginning.


There is no balance with the 90-day diet

The organism has no problem with consuming different foods. The 90-day diet provides us with all types of nutrients but in different dais which in no way helps one to lose weight.


Loss of muscle mass is possible

With this diet proteins are consumed only once in 4 days while proteins are the main nutrient responsible for maintaining and increasing the muscle mass. And considering the disturbed calorie balance we guarantee the decrease of muscle mass.


Yo-yo effect, stretch marks and cellulitis

Since most of the people who undergone the 90-day diet have lost weight but also muscle mass, this leads to skin slackening, stretch marks and cellulitis.


Lack of vitamins and minerals

It is possible that there will be lack of vitamins in the organism for we consume certain substances once in four days. Also, vitamin C and the vitamins of group B are water-soluble. They are processed and thrown out of the body so they need to be constantly consumed. Combine the 90-day diet with these rules:

(1) Stevia sweetener and cinnamon rather than sugar;

(2) A whole fruit rather than juice or squeezed juice;

(3)Oatmeal pancakes rather than wheat pancakes;

(4) A glass of red wine rather than beer or a high-calorie cocktail;

(5) Whole-grained foods rather than their processed versions;

(6) Oat flakes rather than muesli and cereal;

(7) Mustard rather than mayonnaise;

(8) Raw nuts rather than baked ones with added salt;

(9) ‘Sharlan’ (more accessible version) or olive oil rather than refined oil;

(10) Boiled or baked more frequently than fried;

(11) Mix of spices of potassium/Himalayan salt rather than regular salt;

(12) Rice crops rather than chips or snacks;

(13) Eat until you’re full not until the plate is empty.

(14) Consume more water than other drinks (more than 3 liters);