Aromatic Diet Or How To Lose Weight By Inhaling Aromas

Published on: 24/01/2022 | Last Updated: 02/05/2022
Aromatic Diet Or How To Lose Weight By Inhaling Aromas

Inhaling different aromas at a certain time can completely suppress appetite or significantly reduce the feeling of hunger.

Aroma diet is a way to lose weight, which is based on research conducted on the effect of different flavors on appetite.

Undoubtedly, a healthy diet and the rejection of unhealthy products lead to weight loss. But sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we want to lose weight quickly and without any restrictions. An interesting study by scientists proves that there is certainly some connection between the sensations of taste and smell. Inhaling different aromas at a certain time can completely suppress appetite or significantly reduce the feeling of hunger. This conclusion is reached by nutritionists from Yale University. A distinction is also made between aromas that increase appetite and those that suppress it. For this reason, those who want to lose weight should pay attention not only to the menu, but also to the smells around you during meals.


The essence of the aroma diet

Obviously, the aroma diet is based on a very simple but effective principle - suppresses appetite with the help of various flavors. How is that possible?

There are over 5 million receptors in the human nose that send signals to the brain. They are responsible for our emotional state, behavior, memory and satiety. If we inhale the aroma of ripe fruits and spices, for example, we will feel ... full.


The aroma diet, whose menu does not consist of products, but of aromas, offers inhalation of certain ones before meals. But which ones exactly?

What scents are suitable for inhalation to suppress appetite?

  • citrus fruits;
  • a green apple;
  • banana;
  • peach;
  • mint;
  • ginger;
  • cinnamon;
  • pepper;
  • vanilla;
  • rose;
  • lavender;
  • violet.

How to choose the right fragrance?

It is best to use natural fragrances, as synthetic alternatives can lead to the exact opposite result. For example, natural vanilla reduces appetite, and its artificial equivalent (vanillin) on the contrary - leads to an irresistible desire to eat something sweet. You can trust the essential oils (they are not expensive, they are available in pharmacies in small bottles, which are very convenient to carry in a handbag), as well as orange and lemon peels, dry leaves. It is enough to scatter such fragrant substances throughout your home so that you do not think about food. Another way to use them is to heat them slightly in a pot on the stove and inhale their aroma a quarter of an hour before a meal to reduce the urge to eat a large portion.

Recipe for flavor diet

To keep your weight normal and not to overeat, use the following recipe for flavor diet:

  • take a slice of banana, a slice of green apple, 1 pinch of mint and vanilla;
  • mix these products and heat them in oil;
  • when you feel hungry or 15 minutes before eating, inhale the vapors of the mixture.

After this procedure, the appetite is significantly reduced or disappears completely.

Rules of the aroma diet

  • Do not use fragrances to which you are allergic.
  • To avoid getting used to a certain smell, it is necessary to change the aromas periodically. Nutritionists advise to use one flavor for a month and then switch to another. It is believed that getting used to an odor does not reduce appetite.
  • Do not overdo the saturation of aromas, because this can lead to malaise and cause side effects such as headaches and nausea.
  • Do not choose fragrances that you do not like - they will not benefit your soul or your health.
  • Use invigorating scents in the morning and soothing in the evening.


Pros, cons and results

Aromatic diet is one of the most gentle and lightest. Unlike the express ones, through which you lose weight drastically in a short period of time due to the complete change of the diet, the aromatic one helps to regulate your weight absolutely painlessly.

It is no secret that to lose weight, dietary restrictions alone are not enough. Following a fragrant diet, you should not forget about exercise. It does not give a quick effect, but combined with a healthy and active lifestyle is able to delight you over time with stunning results.

The diet itself works and will not cost you dearly. With its help you can easily and without much effort to lose about 12 kg for a period of approximately half a year (ie 2 kg each month).

Scientists have proven that different flavors affect the human body in different ways, so we should not expect absolutely identical results from anyone who decides to trust natural flavors in the fight against excess weight.

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