Breathing Exercises For Weight Loss

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Breathing Exercises For Weight Loss

You can get rid of excess weight not only with the help of diets and sports, but also by using breathing practices.

You can get rid of excess weight not only with the help of diets and sports, but also by using breathing practices.

What will you do to be slim and fit! Strict diets , exhausting physical exertion, taking special means for losing weight and much more. Unfortunately, not everyone manages to cope with excess weight. It is difficult for someone due to a genetic predisposition to fullness, and someone is simply lazy or "dishonestly" does their work. The solution for such people would be an effective method of losing weight, which takes little time and does not require much effort. Special breathing exercises help many people cope with excess weight.


The importance of oxygen

As you know, a person needs energy to perform any work. For this, carbohydrates in the blood are first burned. When their supply is exhausted, the body begins to use glycogen - a polymeric substance consisting of glucose residues that accumulates in the liver. And only then do the fats begin to burn. Man evolved in conditions where there were no comfortable sofas and armchairs, so ancient man had to conserve his energy to survive. Fat is a kind of strategic energy reserve that was burned in extreme conditions.


Let's figure out how this fat is burned, shall we? Burning is nothing but oxidation. Utilization of fats (as well as carbohydrates) does not occur without the participation of oxygen. That is, in order to lose weight, we absolutely need fresh air, saturated with oxygen. Recent medical research suggests that one of the possible causes of poor metabolism can be "shallow" breathing, when a person breathes shallowly, that is, takes in small portions of air. In addition, due to the environmental situation, the percentage composition of the air also changes. Every year, oxygen becomes less and less, which cannot but affect the state of human health.


In order to enrich the body with oxygen, special breathing exercises are used.


Choose yourself !

There are several types of breathing exercises. One of the most popular is the breathing gymnastics " Bodyflex ", developed by the American Greer Childers. The essence of gymnastics boils down to the fact that you need to do several breathing acts, during which the maximum amount of oxygen enters the body. Various exercises will allow you to direct this oxygen to the problem area. Thus, certain exercises allow you to fight with fat deposits in the area of ​​the hips, abdomen and other parts of the body.

There is also breathing gymnastics " Oxysize ". This is a softer system in which there are no sharp breathing movements. This breathing practice has very few contraindications, and even pregnant women can do it.

Chinese breathing gymnastics " Jianfei " is a relatively new breathing technique that not only helps burn fat deposits, but dulls the feeling of hunger.


Having familiarized yourself with each of the breathing practices in more detail, you can choose the one that is more suitable for you.

How does it work?


Unfortunately, we use only 30% of the volume of our lungs when we breathe. By increasing the depth of breathing, we will begin to consume more oxygen. Performing active breathing acts, the blood will be saturated with oxygen faster, which will significantly speed up the metabolism. Therefore, fats will be burned faster. However, the benefits of breathing exercises are not limited to this. It has been established that the digestive system works much better when the intestinal villi are sufficiently supplied with oxygen. In addition, deep breathing allows you to get rid of toxins. A lot of harmful substances accumulate precisely in fat cells. It is noted that almost 70% of toxic substances can be removed from the body with the help of deep breathing.


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