Data from a recent study shows that vegetarians have lower blood pressure levels than people who have a variety of foods on their diet.

To determine the link between blood pressure and a vegetarian diet, researchers in Osaka, Japan, conducted an analysis.

The researchers reviewed the results of seven clinical trials.

Meta - analysis found that vegetarian diets were associated with lowering blood pressure compared to omnivores.

The reasons for lower blood pressurein vegetarians are explained by various facts related to this pattern of eating.

Vegetarians generally have a lower index of weight and a lower risk of obesity. This is probably due to the fact that vegetarian diets are higher in fiber and low in fat compared to the omnivorous type of diet.

Other data show that vegetarians consume less alcohol than the rest of the population, and the food they eat has a higher potassium content than sodium , which is among the risk factors for high blood pressure. .


Vegetarians usually have lower blood viscosity , which could also affect their blood pressure.

There are some things for which meta-analysis cannot be certain. The studies reviewed do not include people's lifestyle, such as whether they are physically active. It also does not take into account the components of a vegetarian diet that differ for different people and countries.

Further research is needed to examine the links between certain foods and nutrients and blood pressure . Nevertheless, there are definite signs of the existence of this connection.