Diet After Diet Or 10 Tips For Maintaining Weight After Losing Weight

Published on: 30/07/2021 | Last Updated: 25/09/2021
Diet After Diet Or 10 Tips For Maintaining Weight After Losing Weight

In this article, learn more about Diet After Diet Or 10 Tips For Maintaining Weight After Losing Weight. Diet after diet or 10 tips for maintaining weight after losing weight.

There are thousands of diets, programs, systems and diets for weight loss. Undoubtedly, each of us at some point in our lives resorts to such. But in addition to getting rid of the accumulated extra pounds, we also have the task of maintaining the results achieved , because otherwise our efforts would have been in vain.

Here are 10 tips for maintaining weight after losing weight . Some of them are probably familiar to you, others you will learn now.

1. Love your new figure

If before the diet you looked at yourself as a fat woman, it's time to change that and accept yourself in your new dimensions. If you maintain this critical eye even after you have lost much of your weight, you will undoubtedly return to its previous values ​​sooner or later. You hardly suspect that the human subconscious is capable of bad jokes. Appreciate yourself, like yourself, accept yourself as a slender person. Only then will the results be permanent.


2. Divide the plate into pieces

Moderation in eating should be your faithful companion. Of course, you can sometimes pamper yourself with a piece of cake or another favorite temptation, but remember that overdoing it will certainly affect your figure.

You do not need to constantly count calories, it is enough to adhere to basic rules regarding nutrition. One of them is the plate rule. It works and reads as follows: divide the dish into two parts, then one half into two more. 1/2 of the plate should always be full of fruits or vegetables, the other two, respectively, with carbohydrate and protein foods.

If you follow such a "diet after diet" you do not need to count calories or worry about carbohydrate and protein balance. Your diet will be varied, balanced, moderate and healthy. Over time, your body will adapt to the new regime and it will not be a difficulty for you, but a useful habit.



3. Moderate and regular physical activity

Yes, sport is important for maintaining a good figure, this is an indisputable fact. Think about what physical activities you would like to take on, how and how often you can do them, determine the exact time for them. What is important in this case is not the quantity and duration, but the regularity and permanence. It is advisable to consult a specialist to determine what kind of sport is best for you.

It is not necessary that such activities are concentrated in the gym. You could bet on roller skating or cycling, brisk walking or games such as frisbee, volleyball and basketball. Swimming is also a very good choice, because it loads all the muscles and burns a huge amount of calories. When starting such workouts, it is possible to gain half to one kilogram, but do not worry, because these are not fat, but an increase in muscle mass. Ie your figure is becoming more and more perfect.



4. Enjoy the food

Turn every meal into a holiday! Do not eat quickly "on foot" in front of the TV or reading a book. Appreciate every bite. The slower you eat, the faster you will feel full.



5. Reduce the cans

The more natural products there are in your plate, the more useful. Limit canned food, ice cream ...



6. Say "No!" of fried

Of course, do not deprive yourself of fried meat and fish absolutely and definitely, you can sometimes afford such. It is important to prioritize the choice of heat treatment by baking, boiling and steaming.



7. Less exotic foods

It is known that the most useful are fruits and vegetables, which are characteristic of the latitudes in which we were born. The simpler the food, the better. Refrain from unfamiliar exotics because you can't be sure how your metabolism will react.



8. Learn how to estimate the portion size

An easy way to stick to this rule will help - mentally place the garnish and meat / fish in the palm of your hand. This is the amount you should consume at one meal. The salad should not exceed a handful, and the piece of meat or fish should fit in the palm, but without the fingers. These proportions are the best.



9. Minimum alcohol

Of course, you can drink a drink during a holiday or other event, but remember that alcohol, especially concentrated drinks, increase appetite. Prefer dry wines and do not drink more than 2 glasses at a time.



10. Visit grocery stores when you are full

The last piece of advice may seem strange to you, but it has its meaning and significance. Before entering a store or restaurant, it is good to eat a light vegetable salad. This will help control the urge to buy or eat everything around you. Hunger is a bad advisor!



As you can see, the rules are easy to follow. If you comply with them, you will enjoy life without losing your slim figure. 

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