Carbonated soft drinks, including diet drinks, are harmful to health and lead to a risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Their daily consumption doubles the risk of developing metabolic syndrome, including visceral obesity, hypertension, dyslipidemia, impaired insulin sensitivity and others.

A study conducted by American scientists proves that not only sugar-containing drinks, but also those without it are associated with the risk of vascular accidents.

These results were obtained as a result of a 4-year study conducted among 6,000 middle-aged men and women. In the beginning, the participants were healthy. Subsequently, it turned out that those of them who regularly consumed carbonated products, the risk of metabolic disorders is 50605 higher than that of the other participants.


Interestingly, people who indulge in sugar - containing and diet drinks, have common eating habits - prefer high-calorie foods, high in saturated fat, low in fiber, plus a sedentary lifestyle. Although dietary, the drinks are sweetened, which predisposes to the consumption of more sweet and high-carbohydrate products.

Another study shows that the use of carbonated diet drinks increases the feeling of hunger. The authors of the study conducted an experiment with experimental mice. The results showed that the experimental animals, which were given carbonated beverages containing sugar, felt less hungry.

This is due to the fact that sugar substitutes in diet drinks suppress the brain's ability to regulate weight.

Experts advise the consumption of diet drinks to be moderate, as well as those containing sugar.