Published at: 16/09/2018

In this article I will show you and extremely easy to follow diet whose purpose is to decrease the belly fats.

Balanced amount of insulin

The balancing of the insulin can be achieved by decreasing the simple sugars including those in the fruits. According to experts, the high levels of insulin make the liver turn the extra sugars into fats which most frequently accumulate in the abdominal area.


Losing weight is a mission

Do not forget that everything is up to you. Pick a diet that fits you best. Don’t starve.


Gradually decrease of sugars

Do not totally deprive your body of sugars. If you have so far consummated huge amounts of fruits, start with a pre-diet which will allow your organism to get used to the changes. For example with every passing day you should lower the amount of fruits.


Don’t cut off completely any food

Fruits should remain in your menu but in certain amount. Also, pick fruits with low amount of sugars.


This diet is based on eating proteins and vegetables

You can add to them small amounts of sweeteners and full-grained foods. In order to maintain diversity with the meals we should not cut off fats and carbohydrates. They simply should be kept to low amounts.


The fluids I do not recommend

Do not consume juices and milk during diet. The juices contain high amounts of sweeteners and the fruits themselves have sugars. It is known that the milk, on other hand, leads to swelling and diarrhea if consumed too frequently. But if you fail to ignore these fluids, at least consume them only once a week. Once a month you can allow yourself a glass of wine, a mini beer or champagne.


Which fruits are recommended

Those are raw blackberries and blueberries for they contain less sugar. Notice that we are talking about fresh products.


The first month of the regimen is a “get-to-know-it”

When you start the diet you should prepare your organism for the change in the food habits. So the in the first month will start not the weight-loss itself but the reset of the body.


Smooth transition to the foods you don’t consume

You should make a list of the foods you consume most frequently. They you need to do a section with the food which are in the diet I’m offering. All new foods should be consumed once a week. You should start to eat the new products in the first two weeks.


Maintain a good calorie balance

The drastic deprivation of calories won’t lead to weight loss. For a start you should replace the foods you usually consumed with foods of the diet which have similar content of calories. Only since the second week you should gradually start to decrease the amount of daily calories by 5% but no more than 15%.


Building up the food habits before the actual diet

During the month of pre-diet you should start to eat four times a day - in the morning, at lunch, in the afternoon and in the evening. The meals should be decreased so we don’t overeat. Also, we should not feel hunger. For men - about 280-300 grams, for women - about 220-250 grams a meal. Chew well. Do not allow stomach discomfort. Ensure good digestion. The latest meal should be up to 20 o’clock and the earliest - up to 9 in the morning.


Here is the diet' agenda:

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