E309 - Delta-Tocopherols

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E309 - Delta-Tocopherols

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Characteristics: Synthetic delta-tocopherol is used as an antioxidant to eliminate oxidation in food products and not to change their color. The add - on is prohibited in


Synthetic delta-tocopherol is used as an antioxidant to eliminate oxidation in foods and not to change their color. The supplement is banned in many countries around the world because its research and studies have not been completed. E 309 should not be confused with natural tocopherols.

The separate group of tocopherols and their derivatives are strong food antioxidants and do not harm the living organism.

The additive does not affect harmful microorganisms and fungi. It is obtained chemically from natural vitamin E, so it does not have all the beneficial properties of natural tocopherol.


E 309 is not used in pharmacology and cosmetics because there is no authorization for use in these areas of production. In the food industry it is used only to extend the natural shelf life of meat and fat-containing products.

It can be used:
  • as an antioxidant in vegetable oils
  • in the form of an emulsifier and stabilizer in the preparation of mayonnaise
  • in bread production as an improver
  • in the production of canned meat and products containing animal fats
  • in carotene-based dyes
  • in dry milk formulas
  • in ready-made dry appetizers and potato dishes
  • in the production of margarines

Impact on humans

With insufficient consumption of tocopherols, the body can experience many of the negative effects of the environment. Foods containing tocopherols and their derivatives are recommended for people living in unfavorable conditions: bad climate, dangerous working conditions, poor ecological environment.

Vitamin E deficiency can damage blood cells; to acquired sterility in both men and women; to a decrease in sexual activity; to the appearance of unusual deposits of adipose tissue in the muscles; to adverse changes in the cardiovascular system, the lining of the eyes and even the gastrointestinal tract.

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