Five Simple Rules For Proper Nutrition

Published on: 28/07/2021 | Last Updated: 25/09/2021
Five Simple Rules For Proper Nutrition

In this article, learn more about Five Simple Rules For Proper Nutrition. healthy eating.

The topic of proper and healthy eating today is increasingly occupying the human mind. Some want to lose weight, others - to improve their health, and others - just to keep up with fashion. Either way, it's all about the food.

Information about the benefits and harms of various foods is spreading at the speed of light, new and new systems for proper
nutrition are appearing every day . According to some, it is necessary to give up meat, others advise us to consume only unprocessed products, etc.


How should we actually eat? What is useful and what harms us?


The answers are simple. There is no exact system that we are obliged to follow. Everyone determines their own menu according to the individuality of their body and a number of other

We offer you to get acquainted with five simple rules , the following of which will ensure you a healthy and proper diet , without unbearable restrictions, certain menus and
other obligations.


The composition of the products


Pay attention to the composition of what you eat. We will not convince you that GMOs and E-tats are harmful and kill us, but natural products are natural and it is good to emphasize them. As for supplements - let them be as small as possible.


There are no harmful products, there are harmful quantities


Of course, we are not talking about chips, fast food and sweet carbonated drinks, but about the foods that are present on our table every day - bread, milk, meat, eggs,
vegetables, fruits, cereals, etc. If they they do not contain suspicious impurities and we use them wisely, why should we get rid of them? Isn't it more logical to think about what amounts we take than to focus on the harm of the food in question.

For example, eating a croissant for breakfast is not very scary, but reaching for the second, third ... this is already a problem. You should not overeat no matter what is consumed.


Diversity and variety


Each natural product contains trace elements, vitamins and nutrients. It is logical that the more such different foods are on the table, the more necessary elements you will get by consuming them. If you eat the same thing every day, you are unlikely to achieve a similar effect.
Of course, seasonal fruits and vegetables are preferable, the menu must include cereals and grains, meat and fish, dairy and sour milk products.
Among the liquids of honor are water, natural juices, green and black teas, herbal infusions.

Get as much food variety as possible.

The opposite rule applies to quantities - the less, the better. This way the products will be assimilated and processed easily.


The meal schedule


You don't have to be strict as if you were taking medication, but it's good to have a regimen to stick to as much as possible. Just try
to eat at about the same time each day.

Here we must mention the role of each meal in order to properly assess the products that you will choose for consumption in the relevant part of the day.

  • Breakfast - it gives energy for the whole day, so it should be filling, tasty and
  • caloric.
  • Lunch - restores the energy expended so far and recharges the body with a new one.
  • Eat while eating, but without overdoing it.
  • Dinner - as the body adjusts to rest and sleep, your task is to provide enough food to slightly restore the lost energy without recharging it, because it will not need it until the morning.
  • Intermediate meals should be light and low in calories. Their function is to help you not feel hungry until the next main meal, not to be its substitutes.

Listen to your body!

Surely your body knows better than you what it needs. There is a misleading subtlety here - if you have deceived your body with all sorts of chemical additives and spices, it is possible that he stubbornly wants fast food, for example, which he does not need at all. At such times, try to consume more natural products and you will
notice that his desires will change. Don't be surprised if you feel like eating cabbage salad or fish, for example.

And so ... Briefly and clearly :

1. Consume fresh, natural and quality products.
2. Remember that harm can be brought to you not so much by a certain food as
by the amount of it taken.
3. Diversify your menu daily.
4. Try to eat at the same time every day.
5. Listen to what your own body is telling you.


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