It is especially important to help your digestive system with a rich diet. In addition to the sensible choice of foods and nutrients, controlling the amounts and periods of eating, it is important for our comfort to keep our "stomach regular".

Good habits are useful here - whole grain product and hot drink for breakfast, regular consumption of fruits and vegetables, walks, drinking enough water. Of particular importance is what we put on the table. The table can be festive and without deprivation, if you rely more on certain products.

In order to keep our stomach regular, we need to be good at taking care of the balance of the intestinal microflora.. Our intestines are inhabited by millions of microorganisms that support digestion, our immunity and more. This beneficial microflora is successfully maintained through the consumption of probiotics. Probiotics are the same microorganisms that we take in through our food - with certain products prepared in a special way. This category includes our yogurt, but in general foods that are prepared without undergoing intensive heat treatment, ie even if there is a process of heat treatment (without reaching high degrees), it is associated with prolonged exposure to warm so that the natural fermentation of the product is possible.

This group includes the favorite and traditional for the winter Bulgarian foods such as pickles, pickles, sauerkraut, pickled mushrooms, and other products such as olives, pickled soy products such as nato. In addition to yogurt , the products useful for stomach comfort are cheese, yellow cheese, containing whey, as well as kefir, which has lost its popularity among Bulgarians. Chinese traditional cuisine also provides a good selection of probiotic foods - including pickled legumes, sprouts and more. Organic food stores also offer non-dairy drinks based on fermented soybeans, coconut and more. Raw apple or wine vinegar can also benefit the regular stomach, so don't deprive yourself of them.


Some of the sugar in marinated and fermented products is broken down into acids due to the activity of probiotics, which also has a preservative effect and which is due to the specific taste. When passing through the intestinal tract, the new beneficial bacteria from these food products support the activity of those present in its microflora. It is no less important that thanks to them raw fibers can be provided to the intestines.

It should not be forgotten that the stimulation of the microbiome also determines the good immunity and the body's coping with the current inflammatory processes.

To make sure that we are doing what is necessary for a balanced intestinal microflora, we can take another step: to supply the necessary nutrients for these beneficial microorganisms in our body. In the literature, they are referred to as prebiotics . These are provided through the consumption of: almonds, bananas, whole grains - wheat, barley, rye, oats, legumes, garlic, onions, leeks, mushrooms, green vegetables, especially lettuce, asparagus, chicory root, artichokes, goat herbs beard, garden bile, dandelion, etc.