It is clear that we cannot stop aging and go back years, but it is especially disappointing when on certain days, for example, we see our face aged in the mirror opposite.

We know from experience that the way of life as a seal leaves traces on our expression both figuratively and literally. Yes, yesterday I allowed myself more white wine and now my face is swollen ...

This is probably the first question we ask ourselves - what has not happened to me since yesterday about my appearance today?

Looking for guilt for a swollen face, gray concave shadows, greenish-gray skin color, cloudy eyes, flaky skin, dry lips, acne or oily spots, in the food consumed the day before, there is reason.

There are foods that literally harness the body to age faster, as the antithesis of those that give his skin shine and radiance.

Trans fats are one of those foods that we use to make others and are repeatedly present in our menu every day. Whereas decades ago they were seen only as a culinary enhancer, today more is certainly known about them as an enemy of the cardiovascular system. What always eludes us is that harmful fats contribute to inflammatory processes in the body and hence are the causes of premature aging.


It is not popular enough that in addition to fat, excessive consumption of sugar, the same main culprit for diabetes, can lead to cardiovascular disease.

Excessive consumption of sugar triggers the formation of AGEs - end products of glycation, which in addition to the stated health damage, have a negative and beauty effect - damage collagen and elastic fibers of the skin, which keep it taut and young.

What are these food groups that, in addition to "clogging" our arteries, lead to obesity and take away our beauty?

1. All fried foods. The maximum amount of trans fats consumed during the day should not exceed 1% of the total food intake in order to enjoy the tone and beauty.

2.Pastry confectionery - in addition to being rich in sugar, it also contains excessive trans fats. It is possible that sweet temptations have a positive effect on our mood for a short time, but in the long run not only achieve the opposite, but also reward us for our weakness with wrinkles ...

3. Processed meats and sausages - rich in saturated fats, as and contain ingredients that further enhance the course of inflammatory processes.

4.Red meat - it is recommended as an option to avoid more dangerous colorful meats. However, to protect heart health, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of saturated fats from all possible sources, including red meat. In order for meat to be useful, the total amount consumed should not exceed 7% of the total caloric intake for the day.

5. Disputes about the usefulness and harm of alcohol continue. It is clear that alcohol in large quantities harms the body. Are the limited ones safe and how safe?The last question is still being clarified. It is believed that for women it is permissible to drink from time to time a glass of red wine or a small beer, for men the doses are double. Experts say that such benefits are good for heart health, provided that you do not suffer from any disease. Larger - trigger the aging process and damage the liver.