Nutrition is a key factor in maintaining immunity and overall health. It has been shown that some types of food can powerfully strengthen the immune system, ie. to act as natural immunostimulants . However, others have a direct antiviral effect, the benefits of which are even more pronounced for the body, especially in the fall.
Many common viral strains have a lipid membrane that is resistant to the action of immune components. Moreover, it provides them with antibiotic resistance, which is the main reason why viral infections cannot be treated with antibiotics. Biologically active products in the composition of some foods that have antiviral action can be much more effective in this aspect.
Such biologically active substances help to break down the protective lipid membrane of viral particles, making them more convenient "targets" for the action of immune cells. It has been proven that the most serious natural source of products with direct antiviral action are plant foods. The effect of the action of their ingredients can be fully used both for the prevention of a number of infections and to increase the effect of treatment, including in severe chronic viral infections .
In order to achieve the optimal effect in this regard, certain foods must be regularly present in our diet. Those whose ingredients are well studied for their antiviral activity include:
  • Lemons - the fruits and leaves of the lemon tree have a higher concentration of antiviral components than all other citrus fruits;
  • Garlic - many clinical studies have shown that the organic sulfur compounds in garlic help kill most of the flu strains, herpes viruses, rhinoviruses that cause colds, etc .;
  • Red oranges - they are a rich source of limonoids - substances that block the replication of many of the most common viral strains;
  • Coconut oil and other types of fat derived from nuts - their lipid components manage to enter the viral envelope, disrupting its structure and natural defense mechanisms, and making it more vulnerable to attacks by the immune system;
  • Walnuts - these are the nuts with the most powerful positive effect on the immune system, due to the high content of polyphenols and antioxidants;
  • Pomegranate - almost every part of the pomegranate tree contains substances with antiviral action - from the fruit to the color and even the bark. The effect is due to the high content of tannins and especially the so-called. ellagic acid, which strengthens the immune system;
Regular consumption of food products with direct antiviral action is a quality preventive measure to maintain good health. The inclusion of these easily accessible products in our daily diet is another step towards increasing the body's defense mechanisms against viruses and viral infections.