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In this article we are going to discuss how to calculate your daily intake of food just with your hands.

What is caloric balance

This is the ratio between the amount of energy you receive with the food and the amount of energy spent in training, work and daily life. The most important one for you is the daily caloric balance.

This is the ratio between the energy obtained from alcohol and food intake (proteins, fats, carbohydrates and organic acids) on the one hand and spent energy on the other hand in order for the body to maintain its biological optimum (the golden environment).

The value of the caloric balance depends on the total amount of energy released by the oxidation of the individual metabolites (nutrients) and the nutritional energy from the food.


According to the proportions, we distinguish 3 types of bodily conditions:

(1) When we receive more energy from the food than we spend, the body falls into a state of calorie excess and is ready to store energy or build tissues with it;

(2) When we spend more energy than we take with food, the body falls into a state of calorie deficit and begins to break down tissues to cope with the energy crisis;

(3) When we spend approximately as much energy as we receive with the food, our body weight practically does not change. Each body needs a certain minimum of calories to keep its weight constant. The energy that the body spends in order to maintain its weight is called passive energy consumption. This, however, is only a part of the energy spent for the day. To calculate the total daily energy consumption we need the sum of the passive and active energy consumption.

Active energy consumption is all the processes of work (mental, physical, sports, disease processes). Interestingly, due to the differences in metabolism among individuals, the mathematical approach allows wide tolerance in the calories needed to maintain the weight.


Individual caloric balance depends on many factors

There are a number of factors that determines the optimum of nutrient intake - sex, metabolic rate, age, weight, height, digestion, food regime, proportions of the nutrients, specifics of the workout, frequency of training, health, etc.

It is accepted that the need for energy decreases by about 2% per decade in one’s life. This amount should be deducted from the daily minimum calories. There is also a difference between the energy needs of women and men. Typically, there is about 5-10% more energy consumption for men (this data is obtained from women and men with the same weight). Because the formulas below are adapted to the differences between men and women, you won’t have to change them.


Caloric balance is essential

Keep in mind that the caloric balance is not a myth. It determines whether you are going to gain or lose weight.

If the consumed calories are more than the calories you have spent, you are going to gain weight; if the consumed calories are less than the calories you have spent, you are going to lose weight; if the consumed calories are equal to the calories you have spent, you are going to maintain your current weight.

There are formulas that are going to determine the personal caloric balance, but these formulas do not give a 100% exact number due to various factors such as:

(1) Intestinal flora and how many calories you are going to actually assimilate;

(2) Whether the nutritional value of a particular product corresponds to the tables by which you calculate your calories;

(3) What part of your menu is occupied by indigestible fibers;

(4) How you prepare your food;

(5) How you store your food;

(6) Inaccuracy in the labeling or the nutrition information for a product, etc.


That's why it is important to understand that you can calculate calories but you cannot predict what is going to happen in reality and it is important to supervise and adapt in the process.


Calculations using your palm

There is a methodology by which you can navigate how much and how to eat. This way you can get rid of the painful calculations of calories...


This is not entire article. It continues ...


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