Published at: 01/07/2018

Learn more about the benefits of a good combination of fruit with other foods. To not feel swollen, tired or Lind, follow our advice.

You may have heard that we humans are fruitful. And if you're vegan, probably these words are salvation for your ears.

Do not mix much food in one meal

The human body is most easily processed fruits. You may have heard that citrus fruits are acidic. Caught up in our body they do not oxidize. There is a big BUT! When we do not consume them properly, then they really can oxidize. Especially when they started to rot or ferment, while in the stomach. Let us note that bananas are not citrus fruits. Tomatoes and pumpkins are a fruit-vegetables, at least according to Botany.

What have we learned so far?

(1) Fruit can be pickled or sweet to taste

(2) The fruits are not acidic prior to reach in our stomach, but if you combine them incorrectly can oxidize.


Pickled (sour) with sweet fruit

So popular diets with fruit often mistakenly apply. Each of you has been tempted to eat fruit salad containing at least five kinds of fruit, right? The best strategy is to combine sweet with sweet or sour with acidic fruit. And the right strategy is to only one kind of enjoying the fruit of the meal.


Do not mix fruits that have a different time for the degradation of the body

Now, de! Probably you are outraged. How will you know it's time for breaking down fruit and that a second cepite?

Let me get my bearings:

(1) Acidic fruits are broken down for about an hour

(2) Half sour fruit for about two hours

(3) A sweet fruit for up to three hours.

Do you notice a pattern?

The sweet are these goodies, the more time you want to process by the body.

If you decide to mix, take them in that order, from sour to sweet.


Let go of the tail are always the easiest to digest.

(1) Melons always consume self. Time for the degradation of these delicious fruits is approximately two hours. Again – without cheating. Watermelon and cheese! No! Watermelon with bread? No! Watermelon with cantaloupe – and it's not! Even with watermelon melon – is not - again !

(2) Don't eat fruit for dessert

(3) As we've been through, there is a difference in the sequence meal. The easy degradable of the body are foods first. This includes fruit. To put it another way – take the first food with high water content, and leave for later the meat products and starch.


And some more 7 final tips:

(1) Eat the fruits always on an empty stomach

(2) Do not overdo dried fruit because it contains many sugars. The rule is no more than a handful of them a day.

(3) Avoid mixing fruits with seeds, nuts and avocados.

(4) Avoid taking more than 200 ml of fresh fruit juice a week. This is mostly about orange juice.


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