How To Cook How And What Is Best To Store In The Refrigerator - Recipe

Published on: 31/12/2021 | Last Updated: 05/01/2022
How To Cook How And What Is Best To Store In The Refrigerator - Recipe

Learn how to cook "How and what is best to store in the refrigerator". Delicious recipe.

The order in the refrigerator is even more necessary than in the wardrobe. If we store certain products incorrectly, they may spoil, become moldy, dry out or freeze. And if the refrigerator is crowded with products or hot food is placed in it, it may stop working.

What does not have to be stored in the refrigerator is better not to put in it. For example: unopened cans, condensed milk and any products that do not have to be cold. If the refrigerator is overloaded, the circulation of cold air will be difficult and the temperature will not be uniform everywhere.

It is desirable to keep meat and fish in the freezer in tightly closed packages. Thus, they cannot absorb side odors, even if they are thawed.

If you want to freeze vegetables for the winter, peppers for example, first wash them, clean them, cut them into pieces and put them in vacuum packs or disposable bags for products. It is best for the packages to contain as much vegetables as you need for one dish, so that you do not have to defrost and then freeze the unnecessary at the moment.

When freezing minced meat , flatten the package to make it easier for you to break off the amount you will need.

Store cheese and other products with a pronounced odor in tight plastic containers.

The oil should always be in a package or packaging, because it easily and quickly absorbs side odors.

The roast should not be stored in the refrigerator wrapped in foil, it is better to be in gauze or paper bag, because it molds quickly if there is no air circulation.

Of course, you should not keep the refrigerator door open for a long time , because the cold "runs away" and consumes more energy. When cleaning the refrigerator, unplug it. Do not maintain the maximum temperature at which the appliance is capable, as this is at least not economical and there is a risk of the products freezing.

Creams, cakes and pies with perishable fillings are stored at a temperature not higher than 1 degree, and pasta without fillings and creams - at 4-5 degrees.

The best temperature for eggs, milk and dairy products is 3 to 6 degrees.

Fruits and vegetables are stored at 3-7 degrees in separate closed refrigerators. It is best to put them unwashed, but if you have already washed them - dry them, because they will rot. Do not put bananas in the refrigerator! Fruits and vegetables that we do not need to keep in it: melon, pumpkin, apples, pears, grapes, tropical fruits, persimmon, pomegranate.

Do not leave chocolate and candies in the refrigerator, because at low temperatures on their surface condensation occurs, then it dries and small crystals of sugar remain.

The place of honey and olive oil is also not in the refrigerator. Olive oil loses its taste and honey loses its useful properties.

Open jars of jam are placed on top in the refrigerator. In the heat they spoil quickly.

Wine and other alcoholic beverages are stored in a dark and cool place and placed in the refrigerator shortly before consumption.

You probably know that bread is also kept cold. You can even freeze it, and to make it more convenient, cut it into slices beforehand.

In the refrigerator we can keep some medicines and cosmetics , but on the highest closing cabinet (shelf) on the door.

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