How To Cook The Most Common Misconceptions About Food - Recipe

Published on: 09/07/2021 | Last Updated: 09/07/2021
How To Cook The Most Common Misconceptions About Food - Recipe

Learn how to cook "The most common misconceptions about food". Delicious recipe.

1. Proven foods and products are sold in stores.

Entering the store, we rely on the fact that the food offered has proven qualities and we blindly believe this delusion. If we naively trust every advertisement, it will turn out that they are all healthy, useful, rich in vitamins and essential for the body nutrients. But we understand that this is not the case that food additives, dyes, substitutes and other chemicals cannot be compared to natural products. We realize that not only are they not good for the body, but they are often very harmful to it. Therefore, when buying one or another product, carefully read the list of ingredients marked on the package, check the expiration date and if there is something that worries you, just do not buy food.

2. Semi-finished products are convenient and harmless food.

The semi-finished products we use are often extremely convenient because they save our precious time. But the better option is to prepare the necessary products for the dinner from the day before, because you know what they contain and how you made them. Just look at the labels of the products in the store and you will be horrified - see all those ingredients that extend their shelf life. Not to mention that the presence of various additives changes the taste of the finished dish and it becomes somehow unnatural and even often unpleasant.

3. We need to eat 3 times a day.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner - the most common diet, which is imposed on more than one generation. But listen to your own body! How many times a day does he need food? More than three? Definitely ...

If you are hungry and there are at least 3-4 more hours until dinner - do not wait, but eat something. And don't force yourself if it's time for lunch and you feel full. Eat when you are really hungry!

4. Dairy products are extremely useful.

This sufficiently disputed statement is refuted. Of course, you should not give up dairy foods, but the useful elements that are part of them are also contained in other products.

5. Natural products can be consumed in unlimited quantities.

Undoubtedly, the foods that nature gives us (vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc.) are useful for humans. But any product that exceeds the amounts needed by the body can be harmful. For example, too high a content of fructose, which is present in fruits (and forests) could increase the risk of a number of diseases. The variety of natural products should be large, but not their quantity.

6. The best way to lose weight is to go on a diet.

This is not the best, let alone the safest way to lose weight. There is no diet that gives a 100% guarantee that you will lose weight. In addition, if you still lose weight, it will return to its previous values ​​and even greater. Another issue is that the consequences of diets can be very, very unpleasant: various diseases of the digestive system, kidneys, liver, heart and mental problems, stress, depression and others.

7. Everything on the plate should be eaten.

Not at all ... If you've already eaten, why overeat, "licking" the plate to comply with any imposed stereotypes. The body will not understand your ethical considerations or desire to eat a completely expensive meal.

8. Fast food does no harm.

On the contrary, it is harmful. Food should be chewed slowly, no matter how fast you are going somewhere. Digestion begins with chewing, well-chewed food is better digested and you are not at risk of indigestion. Slow chewing is also useful because in this way the signal for food intake reaches the brain faster and does not lead to overeating.

Of course, this list is by no means exhaustive.

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