I Wanted Something Sweet! Dessert In 10 Minutes

Published on: 22/05/2022 | Last Updated: 22/05/2022
I Wanted Something Sweet! Dessert In 10 Minutes

Are you a sweet tooth, don’t want to spend time and energy on preparing dessert, besides, “I want a cake now, not later”?

Are you a sweet tooth, don’t want to spend time and energy on preparing dessert, besides, “I want a cake now, not later”? Then this article is for you. Quick and tasty desserts that everyone can cook.

Baked apples


Dessert from childhood. Baked apples with honey and nuts - what could be tastier? And also - useful! And yes, it's easy to cook.

Let's take one apple (of course, you can take more), cut out the middle from it (preferably leave the apple intact). Put the apple on a plate and put a spoonful of honey or sugar in the cut hole (the taste is softer with honey). If you like, you can sprinkle cinnamon, chopped nuts on top of the apple. We send it to the microwave (yes, yes, exactly) to start for about three minutes. How to cook - poke the apple with a stick or fork and, if not baked enough, put it on for a couple more minutes. It all depends on the power of the microwave.

By the way, an idea for a wonderful dessert: a hot baked apple with a scoop of ice cream.

Chocolate muss


Sounds like a restaurant dish. Maybe it is, but now we will prepare chocolate mousse in a matter of minutes. And we need only three ingredients for this:

300 g of dark chocolate; 250 ml of water (1 glass); 4 tbsp. l. Sahara.

That's all. Now it's time to cook. Grind the chocolate on a grater or finely chop. Prepare the dishes: fill a large bowl with ice water, you can even add a few ice cubes there. Put another bowl on top so that it touches the bottom of the water. These bowls will help cool the melted chocolate. A kind of water bath, but vice versa.

Mix all the ingredients and put on a small fire. You have to stir constantly! Wait until all the chocolate has melted.

After the chocolate is melted, pour the mixture into the prepared bowl and begin to beat it quite actively with a whisk or blender. It is necessary to beat until the mixture becomes homogeneous, without lumps and layers. If you can’t achieve the desired consistency, you can heat the mixture a little more over a fire.

It is important to serve the mousse immediately so that it does not lose its airiness and softness. You can decorate the mousse with fruits, nuts, cookies, grated chocolate, coconut flakes.

Pineapple pie


You can even make a cake in minutes! And you don't need to bake anything. Let's see what we need:

500-600g canned pineapples (you can also fresh); 1 glass of sour cream; a pack of coffee-type cookies or crackers; soft cottage cheese (not grain); whipped cream or cottage cheese for decoration.

Finely chop the pineapples or grind them in a blender, add sour cream and cottage cheese to them. If you like it sweeter, you can add some sugar. Now you need to beat the mass until smooth, so that it turns into a cream. Let's put the pineapple filling in the fridge and get to the cracker.

Put a layer of cookies or crackers on the bottom of the dish (you can grind it, so it will soak better and be softer), put our cream on top. If there is still cream left, you can make another layer of cookies and cream (then you will have to put the dessert in the refrigerator).

You can decorate the cake with whipped cream or curd cheese, pineapple slices. And you can leave without decoration. If you do not like pineapples, you can replace them with something else. Suitable bananas, strawberries, kiwi, mango, raspberries.



Smoothies are a great thing. Well suited not only "for sweet and now", but also for breakfast and snacks. It all depends on the ingredients.

You can take any combination of fruits (and even vegetables). Tasty and popular combinations are apple/pear, banana/strawberry, kiwi/strawberry, peach/apple, kiwi/pineapple. You can arrange fruits and vegetables (carrots, celery, pumpkin for example) as you like.

It is enough to put the selected fruits and vegetables in a blender, add a couple of tablespoons of kefir, ice cream or milk (or both) and beat well. If you want to sweeten, add honey.

Serve garnished with oatmeal, fruit pieces, grated chocolate.

Cookies with chocolate


Yes, you can make cookies in ten minutes! We will need:

1 st. l. butter; 2 tsp coconut sugar (can be ordinary); 1 egg yolk; 1/4 cup almond flour; chocolate chips to taste.

Melt a piece of butter in the microwave, then add the egg yolk and sugar. Mix everything until smooth. Add almond flour to the dough, mix everything thoroughly. Sprinkle grated chocolate on top and microwave for 2 minutes. If not ready, add power or time. That's all! This is a very simple but good recipe.

Dessert does not mean long, difficult and costly. Dessert should bring joy and be available right now, when we want. So for those who cannot live without tasty and sweet, such quick and tasty recipes are a real find!

And what quick recipes for delicious treats do you know? Share with us!

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