Mistakes Made By People Who Want To Lose Weight

Published on: 12/10/2021 | Last Updated: 08/12/2021
Mistakes Made By People Who Want To Lose Weight

1. The most common mistake is to give up sports. It should be noted that it is physical education and sports that help the best in the fight against weight gain. No matter how good results a diet gives, it cannot

It has happened to each of us that he wants to lose a few kilograms of his body weight, but fails, despite the efforts he makes and the restrictions he imposes on himself in a number of respects. Why does this happen? Where are we wrong? There are various factors that directly affect weight loss. We often ignore them and the results are usually unsatisfactory. So let's see what are the mistakes made by people who want to lose weight.

Refusal to play sports

This is the most common mistake. It should be noted that it is physical education and sports that help the best in the fight against weight gain. No matter how good results a diet gives, it cannot replace physical activity.

Insufficient water intake

1.5-2.0 liters of water should be drunk daily. During the diet, many women limit not only the amount of food, but also that of fluids. As a result, body fluids decrease, which leads to dangerous dehydration, although the weight disappears. In addition to water, you should drink natural teas and freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices.


A healthy lifestyle implies quitting smoking. It is no secret that smoking disrupts metabolism, which is the cause of obesity.

Eating before bed

Dinner time depends on each person's personal schedule and lifestyle. Experts recommend this to be done 5 hours before bedtime.

Fruit and vegetable diet

Fruits and vegetables are good, but they are not a source of protein and unsaturated fatty acids that the body needs. Eat other foods, the menu should be varied.

Too few meals

Instead of 1-2 large meals, eat often but less. Fasting disrupts the functions of the digestive system and causes stress, fatigue and slow metabolism. The result: slowing down and even stopping weight loss.

Lack of vitamins and minerals in the daily menu

The changes caused by the transition to a strict diet can be the cause of a lack of ingredients necessary for the body. Nutrient deficiencies can affect the condition of hair, nails and skin.


Insomnia carries a risk of hormonal disorders leading to overeating. Stress caused by insufficient sleep forces the body to "calm down" by eating high-calorie foods, which causes the release of endorphins, which eliminate fatigue for a short time. If a person sleeps 4 hours a day, then his obesity is guaranteed.

The desire to lose weight quickly and easily

There is no diet that can help you lose weight with a magic wand. Thanks to a balanced diet you can lose 2-3 kg per month and prevent regaining weight. All sorts of express diets lead to the rapid elimination of excess weight, which always returns.

Lack of confidence

The belief in positive results and optimistic attitude will help you cope with most of the weight and enjoy the result for a long time.

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