For a number of reasons such as illness, poor diet, stress, after the winter, our immunity can be impaired. Nature gives us an adequate way to deal with this problem, for which we need to build a balanced diet. It must include the constant presence of sufficient quantities of fruits, vegetables, seafood and whole grains.

The inclusion of certain products in the immune-boosting regimen, such as yoghurt, garlic, fish, mushrooms and certain specific fruits and vegetables, is mandatory, and their benefits have been supported and proven by research . Such are, for example, the work of the universities of Arizona and Florida in the United States, which found that these foods improve some markers of the immune system.

What are the benefits of these products in a nutshell?

Yogurt our need for useful bifidu and laktobakterii contains. They have the function to maintain the balance of the intestinal microflora and we need them to suppress the growth of opportunistic and harmful microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract.

The recommendations of the old people against and in case of illness to eat garlic are completely justified and despite the aesthetic problem they lead, it is worth consuming it at the right time. Studies have shown that garlic helps control viral and bacterial infections. It works even against stubborn fungi!

Seafood is valuable for its rich content of magnesium, calcium and vitamin C., important elements that are needed by the immune system in the fight against foreign agents and cancer cells. Fatty fish are valuable because of omega-3 fatty acids , which have an anti-inflammatory effect . This makes them a mandatory food on the menu of people with diseases such as arthritis, cardiovascular and even cancer . Given that our body is constantly experiencing conditions of inflammation, the provision of substances that support its function to deal with them can only strengthen health for a long time.


Some types of mushrooms are especially valuable for restoring impaired immunity, due to a particularly specific ingredient they contain - beta-glucans . Such mushrooms are the Asian shiitake . A number of scientific studies show that they, and in particular beta-glucans, contribute to the increase of white blood cells , which fight against various causes of infections. These carbohydrates can also be found in oatmeal, yeast, millet and other types of mushrooms . They are already prescribed as a medicine or food supplement for the prevention or therapy of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, HIV, etc., in order to improve the functions of the immune system.

For medicinal purposes it is appropriate to use especially fruits such asoranges, berries and mangosteen . The last fruit - mangosteen can be taken literally as a healing fruit. It is used as such by Southeast Asia. It contains especially strong phytonutrients - as many as 43 distinctive antioxidants, xanthones .

Citrus fruits are an excellent source of natural vitamin C, which helps the body recover, especially for colds and flu. As for berries , as a generalized name for all small fruits, they are valuable because of the polyphenols , which have the ability to reduce stress levels in the body.

Of the vegetables the most useful are: carrots forbeta-carotene a, which helps the immune system to produce cells; broccoli because of the rich content of vitamins A and C , as well as minerals such as calcium, magnesium and selenium - all necessary for immunity. Vegetables are also useful because of the fiber they contain and maintain our peristalsis .