Nutrition In Neuropathy

Published on: 27/12/2021 | Last Updated: 02/05/2022
Nutrition In Neuropathy

In this article, learn more about Nutrition In Neuropathy. Useful and harmful for food consumption products in neuropathy..

Neuropathy refers to neurological diseases caused by degenerative-dystrophic changes of peripheral nerves. Among the causes are: impaired blood supply, inflammation, intoxication of the body, impaired nutrition of nervous tissues.

Useful foods for neuropathy

Meals to be consumed in the presence of such a health problem should be in the form of porridge, liquid, crushed and cooked. Calories should not exceed 2800-2900, and drink at least 1.5-2 liters of fluid per day.

The menu should include foods such as:

  • high-quality wheat bread that should be lightly dried;
  • soups of boiled pureed cereals, prepared on the basis of light vegetable broth;
  • milk soups to which butter may be added, milk-egg mixtures;
  • vegetable cream soups;
  • cooked or steamed dishes of lean lamb, beef, beef, pork, turkey, chicken;
  • cooked or steamed lean fish and fish meatballs;
  • liquid cream, fresh milk, non-sour kefir, dumplings, souffle and cottage cheese pudding;
  • semi-liquid porridges of buckwheat, rice and semolina, prepared with water or milk;
  • carrots, potatoes, cauliflower, beets - boiled or steamed, in the form of puree or souffle;
  • all kinds of salads of boiled vegetables, and as an addition boiled tongue or low-fat cooked sausage;
  • fruit purees, sour, pureed compotes, jellies, honey, sugar;
  • it is appropriate to drink weak tea, fruit juices.

Dangerous and harmful foods in neuropathy

  • Do not eat freshly baked rye bread, also butter and puff pastry.

The following must not be accepted from animal products:

  • fatty meats and poultry;
  • canned meat;
  • smoked products;
  • meat, mushroom and fish broths;


  • highly concentrated vegetable broths should be excluded from the menu;
  • dairy products with high acidity are contraindicated;
  • it is not desirable to consume millet, barley, legumes and pasta;
  • of vegetables is not suitable consumption of turnips, radishes, white cabbage, onions, sorrel (both fresh and in the form of pickles, canned food and others).

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