A team of British scientists from the University of Surrey, Imperial College in London, found that if you exercise immediately after a meal, you will lose weight faster. The reason for this is the release of appetite suppressant hormones, thanks to which a person does not feel hungry after a workout.

The authors of the study found that even if he overeat, the athlete does not gain extra pounds, as it burns much of the energy immediately after eating.

The findings are based on an experimental study conducted among 12 volunteers who ate food with the same caloric content. Half an hour after the meal, half of the volunteers went to training. One hour later, all study participants were entitled to eat whatever they wanted.

The researchers found that the people who trained had less of a feeling of hunger than the control group.

It was found that volunteers who exercised after eating consumed an average of 492 calories, and those who rested - only 197 calories.

After comparing the data related to calorie intake and energy expenditure, it became clear that active athletes consume fewer calories despite consuming the same amount of food as others.

The levels of three hormones - PYY, GLP-1 and PP, which signal to the brain that the stomach is empty, always increased during exercise and remained so for at least another hour after it.