Prickly Pear (prickly Pear) - Why It Is Useful

Published on: 26/07/2021 | Last Updated: 26/07/2021
Prickly Pear (prickly Pear) - Why It Is Useful

Prickly pear (prickly pear) has many benefits - it can completely improve health, take care of the heart, regulate blood sugar.

The prickly pear , hereinafter more prickly pear, a pear, cultivated and grown in Mexico. It has been considered a sacred fruit since ancient times. The reason for this is a legend, according to which the Aztecs, tired of wandering in the mountains, saw from the shore of Lake Tescoco how an eagle perched on a prickly pear tore a snake with its beak.

For them, what happened was a sign of fate, and it - a reason to call the area "Place of the sacred prickly pear", where they founded a city. Today in this area is the city of Mexico. It is no coincidence that the image of the eagle, the plant and the snake is included in the national coat of arms.


The ancients believed that the prickly pear gave them energy, strength and success. Today the plant is grown in other countries with warm climates such as Greece, Spain, Italy, France and India. The cactus is resistant to cold and adverse conditions, so it grows in Bulgaria. The large and fleshy leaves are rich in aloe vera gel. It is used to treat various dermatological problems.

The fruits are juicy, full of edible seeds, rich in vitamins and fiber. They are part of many pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products. Prickly pear is rich in water, saturates and also helps regulate body weight.

Contains calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin C and those of group B. The amount of sugar in the composition of the fruit is limited, so it is preferred among diabetics and people suffering from kidney disease, liver or pancreas.

Health benefits

Prickly pear fruits are full of useful vitamins and minerals. They contain vitamin C, folate, vitamin B6, riboflavin, niacin, iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium. Consumption of one cup of fruit provides a full range of trace elements that are needed for various physiological and metabolic processes.


Helps lose weight

You know that obesity is one of the most serious global epidemics and extreme measures are being taken to tackle the problem. Prickly pear can help you lose weight, thanks to the fiber it contains. When you eat foods rich in fiber, you get full for longer, stimulating the work of the intestines, and thus metabolism. They also protect the body from absorbing fat, so you can reduce your calorie intake.

Helps lower cholesterol

Continuing the topic of weight loss, you know that in this way you can lower cholesterol levels. This is again thanks to fiber, as it helps lower bad LDL cholesterol. Experiments show that prickly pear can lower both plasma and liver cholesterol levels.

Possible prevention against some types of cancer

The flavonoids compounded in pear are associated with a reduced risk of breast, pancreatic, stomach, prostate, ovarian, cervical and lung cancers. They inhibit the growth of cancer cells in studies performed on mice. Flavonoids have the ability to remove free radicals that cause damage.

Fiber, on the other hand, takes care of the health of the colon, preventing the accumulation of plaque and maintaining optimal health. Inflammation and oxidative stress to which the colon is subjected also increase the risk of cancer. The antioxidants in prickly pear eliminate free radicals and protect against inflammation.

Regulates blood sugar

One of the biggest benefits of cactus pear is that it can regulate blood sugar, namely lowering glucose levels. Various experiments show a reduction in blood sugar. This is due to the pectin in the fruit.

Maintains a healthy digestive system

In Mexico, people consume prickly pears daily in order to regulate bowel movements and keep their digestive system healthy. The anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants found in prickly pear help to calm the stomach and good digestion.

Prickly pear protects the liver

We often consume harmful foods that burden the liver and disrupt its function. To protect your liver from damage, consume prickly pear in the form of juice or jam. The antioxidants contained in the fruit reduce liver damage by fighting oxidative stress.

Improves heart health

Thanks to potassium and fiber, prickly pear helps to remove cholesterol from the body and at the same time maintains healthy blood pressure levels. So if you suffer from hypertension or have high cholesterol, you can consume the fruit to improve your heart health. High blood pressure and cholesterol are associated with various diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Thanks to the various compounds, the consumption of prickly pear can help increase the immune system. By taking care of cholesterol, blood and blood sugar, you also prevent stroke.


The anti-inflammatory properties of the fetus relieve osteoporosis and fight headaches, hangovers and premenstrual syndrome.

In general, adding prickly pear to your menu can significantly improve your lifestyle and health, but remember that the fruit should be part of an overall picture of a healthy lifestyle.

How to consume prickly pear?

Different parts of the plant are edible - one part is the fruit, the other part is the stem itself.
Various juices, salads, dishes and desserts are prepared from the fruit. Of course, consumption is done by carefully cleaning the scales and thorns.
The texture of the stem is like that of okra, boiled with stews or grilled. Baked is added to soups and salads.

The fruits can be peeled and eaten raw, like any fruit.
Many people use the fruit to make jams and jellies.
Before eating, wash thoroughly and clean with a knife from the thorns and peel.
Prickly pear can also be consumed in juice.
Prickly pear can be found in organic stores, hypermarkets and in the form of food supplements in pharmacy chains.


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