Pumpkin seeds are a valuable food that should be consumed regularly. With pumpkin seeds we can successfully maintain our needs for certain nutrients and therefore our health.
285 calories , 11.87 g of protein, 12.42 g of fat and 11.8 g of dietary fiber can be found in the amount of one cup of pumpkin seeds
Although plant proteins are different from animal proteins, they are just as important for health. So are the fibers. The fat content of the seeds may seem high, but they are healthy - which most people do not get enough. 
One cup of pumpkin seeds also contains 168 mg of magnesium . This is more than half of the recommended daily amount, which is about 310 mg. 
This element is needed by the body for a number of important functions, including regulating muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels and blood pressure. 
Potassium is another very important element that is abundant in pumpkin seeds. One cup of these nuts contains 588 mg of it. Potassium is needed to shorten muscles, balance minerals and maintain blood pressure levels . It also helps reduce the risk of recurrence of kidney stones and loss of bone density with age. 
Zinc is an important mineral that plays a significant role in terms of immune function . The recommended daily amount is about 8 mg, and the amount of one cup of pumpkin seeds contains about 7 mg.