Set Reasonable Goals If You Want To Lose Weight After Giving Birth

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Set Reasonable Goals If You Want To Lose Weight After Giving Birth

In this article, learn more about Set Reasonable Goals If You Want To Lose Weight After Giving Birth. About how quickly we can regain our figure after birth..


 -  can we expect to regain our pre-pregnancy figure after the birth? How can this happen?


Of course, I am an example of this. One of the first concerns of a woman after childbirth is to deal with weight loss during pregnancy. But there are some tricks and rules that must be followed in order to effectively and quickly achieve weight loss after giving birth to a baby. You can't set goals that aren't achievable, and in order to lose weight you need to be aware so that you don't harm yourself or your baby. It is a commonplace fact that a pregnant woman who manages to control her weight during the 9 months will not worry about her appearance after giving birth. It makes sense to gain weight during pregnancy. If you exclude 3-4 kilograms of fat that are needed for breastfeeding, you get the following bill:

  •  3 ½ kg for the baby; 
  •  1 ½ kg for the additional amount of blood;
  •  1 kg for the uterus; 
  •  ½ kg for the placenta;
  •  2 kg for water reserves in the body.

This makes a total of 8 ½ kg. As a rule, they disappear quickly. Immediately after birth you will lose about 5 kg (from the baby, placenta and uterus). New 3-4 will melt in the first weeks after birth without much effort.


 - What are the mistakes we should not make?


The main and fundamental mistake is gaining weight during pregnancy. Pregnant women are generally uninformed about gaining weight and eating during pregnancy. Women have a vague idea of ​​how much they can or should gain before giving birth. The recommended weights are between 8 and 18 - a wide range that everyone interprets in their own way. The bad thing is that most people misinterpret it. Women underweight should gain more, on the contrary - those who are prone to gaining weight should not use pregnancy to eat without restraint.




Another common mistake is to rush. It is normal to want to get into our jeans as soon as possible before pregnancy. However, starvation can reduce milk production and deprive you of important vitamins and minerals - both you and your baby through breast milk. Remember the body needs time to recover! The reasonable period for losing the weight gained during pregnancy is 6 months. Set reasonable goals that can be achieved.


 - Can we eat well for the baby and lose weight?


Of course, postpartum nutrition tips do not differ significantly from those during pregnancy. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables! Don't reach for chips, candy and ... baby porridge! Isn't the porridge hot? Didn't she break down while she was in the fridge? Trying, eating, eating - if you want to lose weight, it's taboo! Even if you eat only a few calories, they accumulate. Try to eat three times a day - between meals you can eat fruit or yogurt.


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