In addition to the superfoods that have been talked about so often lately, there are also superspices. 

Cinnamon - stimulates the brain

Cinnamon is an addition to favorite desserts. According to a recent study published in the Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology , cinnamon may also improve our ability to learn new knowledge. 
This spice reverses the biochemical, cellular and anatomical changes occurring in the brain among people who have learning difficulties. 
This beneficial effect is achieved by stimulating the hippocampus - the area in the brain that is responsible for generating, organizing and storing memory
However, the powerful properties of cinnamon do not end here. It can be a healthy substitute for sugar . From some studies, it is even clear that adding cinnamon to food can be helpful in controlling blood sugar levels

Turmeric - relieves pain

The secret of turmeric lies in the key molecule curcumin - a powerful antioxidant that has anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin also helps relieve pain in patients who suffer from arthritis pain , trauma and even dental problems
Yellow spice can also support liver function . It stimulates the secretion of bile, which is used by the body to filter and remove toxins from the body. 

Ginger - soothes the stomach

Ginger really has healing properties. It calms the digestive system, thus relieving gastrointestinal disorders. According to experts, it can be especially useful in the first months of pregnancy , relieving nausea. Consumption of ginger normalizes the function of the intestines and stomach
As it also stimulates blood circulation , this spice has a beneficial effect on the skin and hair.