Published at: 01/07/2018

In this article I will talk about the fundamental mechanisms that determine the proper nutrition. Also we will offer you a quiz to check how well you have acquired the "right eating".

Proper nutrition is the only path to healthy life

You must be asking yourself why in the course of human evolution, people continue to put on weight and suffer from all kinds of diseases. The reason is not rooted only on the dozens of stands in the big chain stores that promote foods of all kinds-including semimanufactured products. The depth of the situation is quite a trivial and can be summed up in the human food vanity. Haven't you heard of the expression of the type: I can not eat if I don't consume bread or I can't wake up if I don't drink coffee; By the way, in both cases referred to addiction or habit that we don't want to uproot. Let us say that there are thousands of cases in which the passionate smokers give up cigarettes for a moment-the moment they understand that their health has derailed. Therefore, we can begin to eat no meat, bread or any product as we cannot stop to consume coffee or alcohol, as long as it will enable us to take care of our bad habits.

Do not wait an additional incentive to apply decisive blow of harmful habits

Start with a clean slate now.


Nutrition is entirely your choice

Do not follow the instructions for proper nutrition. Please inform yourself about the best practices and trends, but always filter the lessons learned, so that it is valid for you. For example, in many media will read that beer is a scourge for anyone who wants to lose weight, but that does not mean that it would not affect fruitful in renal crisis. It is famous that the beverage is a diuretic and helps in dumping of stones.

Let me mention that many people solved the problem with the acids in the stomach with an Apple, but for others, its consumption leads to gas and bloating. Here's something that for you can seem like a solution, not for someone else.


The mechanism of proper nutrition-set of actions

Besides the already mentioned a need to build habits when eating to talk, we live to the fullest, you need to chase away possible stress situations. And if it still seems impossible, then we must learn to wield them with the food they consume. But that's why we will speak in another article. Last but not least, when we want to eat, we have to learn how to combine foods properly. Sometimes we don't understand that certain symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, joint pain, even were the result of wrong mixed products, because often the problems do not appear immediately after eating and after a day or two. The same applies to allergies and unbearableness to different nutrients. Usually we see rashes or have impaired digestion after a few meals and thus can't track exactly what affects us all right.


Let me sum up-the mantra for proper nutrition is a complex of good eating habits; proper food combining and the quality of life without stress.


Now I suggest to test yourself with our quiz: ARE YOU EATING PROPERLY?


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