Three-day Banana Diet

Published on: 21/12/2021 | Last Updated: 24/03/2022
Three-day Banana Diet

In this article, learn more about Three-day Banana Diet. Three-day banana diet.

The banana diet , which we will introduce to you, has a maximum duration of 3-4 days, during which you have the real opportunity to lose up to 3 kilograms. The diet is difficult to follow in terms of the fact that while adhering to it is allowed to consume only 3 bananas and 3 cups of skim milk (or kefir) per day.

The specified amount of fruit is divided into several portions, and you can prepare a shake of them using a blender.


One banana contains an average of about 120 calories and 21.8% carbohydrates, most of which are fructose.

According to some nutritionists, unloading days with delicious fruit is not appropriate to do, for this purpose it is better to trust the apples.

There is a 7-day banana diet based on the consumption of 1.5 kilograms of yellow fruit, but such a menu will give your body 300 grams of carbohydrates, mainly fructose, part of which will accumulate in the form of excess fat, which from its side makes such a diet questionable.


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