Top 10 Unhealthy Store Snacks

Published on: 27/05/2022 | Last Updated: 27/05/2022
Top 10 Unhealthy Store Snacks

The main thing in proper nutrition (and losing weight in particular) is to choose the right mode of eating and not “break loose” on snacks.

The main thing in proper nutrition (and losing weight in particular) is to choose the right mode of eating and not “break loose” on snacks. They must supply the body with energy and at the same time not clog the stomach. The most difficult thing, as a rule, is to cope with a sudden onset of hunger at the workplace or in the middle of the day, when there is still a long wait until lunch or dinner, and the stomach is already treacherously demanding reinforcements. And if you have not prepared in advance for such twists of fate, the only way out is to run to the store for help. For such cases, we have prepared for you a list of the 10 most harmful snacks from the store. Know your enemies by sight!

1. Sausages


Sausage smells most appetizing in the evening, but it is this that should be avoided in the first place. Today it is difficult to find real meat in store-bought offal, it is actively replaced with animal fat, soy and various flavorings (at best). Remember: it will be at least difficult for your body to digest such a bunch of harmful substances, especially when it is already getting ready for bed.

2. Cereals for breakfast cereals

What are breakfast cereals made from? That's right, from the same flour - wheat or corn - plus a huge amount of sugar is added. It is breakfast cereals that can contain much more glucose than a cake or dessert, so leave this product in the morning or completely abandon low-quality cereal and make homemade granola instead. 

3. Dried fruits and candied fruits


Dried fruits and candied fruits are made in other countries, and for their safety during transportation, dried usefulness is treated with acids, after which they are generously soaked in sugar syrup. If you want real and healthy dried fruits, cook them yourself. 

4. Cereals, noodles and instant soups


Have you ever wondered why a seemingly ordinary porridge can suddenly be cooked in a mug in two minutes? The thing is that during the processing of cereals, their structure changes, due to which useful carbohydrates turn into starch. In addition, the composition of such cereals includes sugar and various flavors, which in rare cases are useful. What about soups and noodles? That's right: the situation is no better there. 

5. Glazed curds

Each of us remembers sweet curds from childhood, but you should not think that this is cottage cheese with all its useful qualities. Curds are made from sugar, vegetable fats, additives, dyes and a very small amount of cottage cheese (or even without it). Therefore, if you do not want to acquire extra centimeters at the waist, it is better to abandon this idea. 

6. Chips


Chips - just like croutons - in most cases are prepared in cheap vegetable oil, reusable. In addition, potato chips are not based on potatoes, as is commonly mistaken, but only starch. For an appetizing flavor, chips are literally soaked in flavors, additives, seasonings and spices, which, if used frequently, can guarantee you one hundred percent gastritis. 

7. Muesli (including bars)

It seems to be a very useful product. Meanwhile, the muesli that we see on store shelves is made from recycled carbohydrates, which have been squeezed out of everything that can be squeezed out. In addition, sugar and industrial candied fruits are often added to muesli, which do not contain anything useful. As with granola, if you want to indulge in this product, it is better to prepare it at home in advance.

By the way, great muesli bars for a snack can be made from oatmeal, condensed milk (which is better to replace with honey), dried fruits, nuts and seeds. A detailed recipe on how to make muesli bars is here.

8. Deep-fried baking


Donuts and deep-fried buns can seduce anyone with their appetizing appearance, but do not rush to pounce on them. A high fat content and a huge portion of calories will not only not benefit your body, but also affect your figure.

9. Juices

Do not buy juice in the store! Why? There are all the same preservatives, flavorings, high sugar content and dyes that will only harm your health. And don't expect to find anything like the natural homemade juice you love among the long "sheet" of chemicals. Love this drink? We may repeat ourselves, but cook them yourself or buy farm ones in glass jars and bottles (just remember to read the ingredients!). 

10. Processed cheeses


Most products lose their useful properties during long-term heat treatment, and processed cheeses are no exception in this case. In addition, they are made from recycled materials - waste from cheese production, so do not be fooled by the word "cheese", because you will not get any benefit at all. It is better to buy mozzarella or any hard / semi-hard cheese.

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