TOP 5 Meat Grinders Of 2023. We Choose The Best One.

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Author: Alexander Bruni Time for reading: ~2 minutes Last Updated: November 17, 2022
TOP 5 Meat Grinders Of 2023. We Choose The Best One.

TOP 5 meat grinders of 2023. We choose the best one. The main selection criteria.

An electric meat grinder is one of the most popular and important items in the kitchen. The speed of preparation, simplicity and durability of use depend on its properties. If it is necessary to replace spare parts for household appliances, it is possible to complete them.

The main selection criteria

  • Power and productivity.
  • functionality – protection against overheating, overloading, time limit of uninterrupted operation, reverse, blocking function, number of nozzles and auxiliary tools.
  • The material of the case and tray is pure metal (semi-industrial), metal + plastic (convenient in terms of the connector) and plastic.

Acceptable power for home use is 500 W.

Best meat grinders 2023

5. Redmond RMG-1250. It belongs to the type of good, inexpensive meat grinders with decent functionality and reliability. Purpose: coarse and fine grinding with two speeds. A nozzle for sausages and kebbe is included. Power 480 W, up to 2 kg per minute, work 5 minutes. It is simple to use, quickly disassembles, and can be washed.


  • moderate performance
  • two modes
  • average power
  • stylish design
  • ease of operation


  • makes a loud noise

4. Moulinex ME 6878З2. The characteristics contained the best qualities of the brand. The meat grinder copes well with soft and frozen meat. A set of mincers for vegetables will speed up the preparation of salads, a set of nozzles. High productivity - 4 kg. per minute, power of 800 W, reverse function.


  • efficiency and power
  • automatic shutdown in case of overheating
  • functionality, reverse
  • build quality, steel parts


  • makes noise when working
  • the auger often breaks
  • plastic tray

3. Bosch MFW 68680. The sample can be classified as professional, with a load of 800 W and a capacity of 3 kg. per minute A modern model with extensive equipment and a steel base. There are discs for stuffing, a nozzle for kebbe, sausages, vegetable puree. There are removable drums for quick shredding. The ability to reverse, protect the engine from overheating and overloads.


  • price and quality match
  • metal elements
  • wide range of equipment
  • high power
  • reverse course
  • presence of 3 grids


  • noise during operation
  • the knife is often blunted

2. Bork M786. Professional electric meat grinder with a strong structure and an impressive composition of nozzles.

The power is 1250 W, it produces 2.5 kg per minute, the time of continuous operation is 10 minutes, automatic reverse start. EASY LOCK function for quick assembly/disassembly. Detailed content with three speeds and a SMART LOCK fastening mechanism.


  • minimum dimensions
  • automatic reverse
  • wide range of equipment
  • grate for minced meat
  • steel case
  • overload protection


  • overpriced

1. Kitfort KT-2102 One of the best representatives of the species with super high productivity and a peak load of 1800 W., processes 2.3 kg. per minute Purpose: for large volumes with two speeds and reverse movement. In the assembly for minced meat there are 3 discs, nozzles for sausages, shaped products, cookies. All-metal body, long service life.


  • high productivity
  • metal case
  • ease of operation
  • wide range of equipment
  • overload protection
  • compact


  • not highlighted



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