A re-analysis of an Australian health study from 2006/2007 found that vegetarians were not as healthy as people who ate meat.


Adherents of this specific lifestyle suffer more from cancer, allergies and mental illness . They resort more often to health services and their quality of life is lower, writes the scientific journal Science .


Researchers have reported various factors such as age, gender, socioeconomic status and others.


The combination of different conditions has led to a sample of exactly 1320 people. 330 of them are vegetarians, 330 are those who ate a lot of fruits and vegetables in addition to meat, 300 ate a varied but with less meat and 330 focused mainly on meat.



It turns out that vegetarians are weaker and drink less alcohol, but their general health is worse, with more cases of cancer, allergies and mental illness.


As a result, vegetarians take more medications .


Many studies show that nutrition affects health and for this reason doctors recommend eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. However, some people go to extremes and eat only meat or only vegetables.


There is almost no data on the benefits of such a diet.


This type of research is not always accurate and has drawbacks due to the large number of participants. It is possible that people have become vegetarians after a health problem has already arisen.

However, the results confirm the conclusion that not all dietary extremes are recommended .