Afternoon drowsiness is a problem that many face on a daily basis, and the cause often lies in lunch. The truth is that certain foods can lead to feelings of fatigue and drowsiness . Therefore, it is advisable to avoid these 5 foods when we are in the office or before training, advise nutritionists ...
1. White rice
It has a high glycemic index and after consuming it we usually fall asleep. In addition, when we eat white rice, we tend to consume twice as much as we need, which contributes to drowsiness. 
2. White bread
It is an integral part of the menu of many, but it is important to keep in mind that, like white rice, it has a high glycemic index and it lacks fiber. The carbohydrates in white bread break down quickly and thus leave the body without energy. 
3. Red meat
The high fat content in red meat is the reason we feel drowsy after eating it. In addition, the body needs a lot of energy to break it down, which contributes to feeling drowsy and tired. 
4. Sweets
The high sugar content in sweet temptations can make the body resistant to insulin . Excessive amounts of tryptophan are also released in the brain . This leads to a feeling of drowsiness. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid dessert in the afternoon, when it is a sweet temptation. 
5. Hummus
This food is rich in tryptophan - an amino acid associated with serotonin and sleep. For this reason, hummus is not included in the recommended foods for lunch or breakfast between main meals.