Published at: 19/09/2018

In this article I will tell you how the metabolism determines our body shape. Get list with 30+ foods that regulate the metabolism.

When we talk about stimulating the metabolism the first thing that comes in mind are different pills and supplements not for foods and drinks we can consume every day and get much more benefits from in contrast to what a pill can offer.

Those pills are often overrated and in some cases may even be harmful - even more so if taken incorrectly.

The truth is that the human beings usually look for the easiest solution.

With some thought even if we don’t know much about the healthy eating we can see the difference between healthy eating and taking food supplements (supplements to the food!).

If we want to stimulate our metabolism it is much more valuable to pay special attention to the food we eat as well as to the regular physical activity.


What is our metabolism?

The metabolism is a cluster of reactions which can be anabolic (building up) or catabolic (energetic).

Through these reactions our organism does its vital functions as heart function, maintaining body temperature, breathing, doing physical activity and so on.

To put it in other words, metabolism is the intensity with which the organism turns the substances from the food in energy.


What affects our metabolism and what determines how fast it will be?

The metabolism is connected to the weight for it influences the amount of energy the body needs at any given point. In case you accept more energy than it spends, part of the excess energy will be stored as fat.

Though many people are quick to blame the “slow metabolism” for their weight gain actually need better selection of food and appropriate for them work-out.

Even though there are many pills, supplements and foods which claim to be able to stimulate the metabolism and burn the fats, most of those claims aren’t proved, as Tim Crou thinks (a docent of eating in the University of Deankin).

Even if they work, they’ll most likely have unforeseen side effects as increasing heart rate, says he.

One more thing about pills and food supplements. You should keep in mind that some of them might be effective in the time they are used but after we decrease their intake and go back to our old habits, we go back to our slow metabolism in addition to some possible side effect.

Even though it may be useful to know which factors influence the metabolism for some of them might be under your control. Here are some of them.


The metabolism can be mainly influenced by several factors:

(1) Muscle mass – This is an amount of muscle tissue on the body. The muscle requires more energy to function in comparison to the fats. So the more muscle mass you have the more energy your body needs to exist.

(2) Age – The more a person grows up, the more their metabolism slows down. This is partially due to the loss of muscle tissue and also due to hormonal and neurological changes. When babies and kids grow up, their metabolism grows faster.

(3) Sex – Since men are typically bigger than women, they usually have faster metabolism. The higher amount of the hormone testosterone promotes the faster metabolism in men.

(4) Genetics – It and some genetic diseases can also play a part in whether your metabolism is faster or slower. (The genetics are blamed too frequently before people even bother to look for the real problems - don’t be one of those people.)

(5) Physical activity – Regular work-outs increase muscle mass and make your body burn up more calories and faster even when in rest.

(6) Hormonal factors– The hormonal imbalance which is frequently caused by certain factors and conditions and it also affects the speed of the metabolism.

(7) Environmental factors – The weather can also affect the metabolism. For example if it is very cold or very hot, your body needs to work hard to maintain the normal temperature and the speed of the metabolism goes up.

(8) Stimulants – Certain stimulants as caffeine and nicotine can increase the speed of the metabolism but the effect is temporary just as with medications and food supplements.

(9) Diet / Food regimen – Some aspects of a well-balanced diet have beneficial effect on the speed of the metabolism. For example if you don’t deliver enough energy to your body to keep it normally functioning this may lead to further slowing of the metabolism.

The best and long-term way to speed up your metabolism is through balanced diet and regular physical activity.

More advice for speeding up the metabolism:

(1) Make sure that the calories you accept are from good sources.

(2) Don’t skip breakfast. The body has been hungry between 7-8 hours. After we get up if we decide to postpone the breakfast with few hours there might be up to 15 hours with no food. There’s nothing bad if we do this once or twice but systematic starvation may make the organism go into economic mode and slow the metabolism down.

(3) Morning exercises. Easy exercises in the morning before breakfast can speed up the metabolism. When you wake up your blood sugar is low and even easy aerobic exercises can have positive effect.

(4) Eat smaller meals more frequently. Although this is controversial, I strongly recommend it. If you eat more frequently, this will maintain your blood sugar more stable (if we make good food choices), will keep the hormonal levels more stable; swelling and a feeling of heaviness are rarely observed.

(5) Go out more and enjoy the sun. This will not only make you feel better but will also stimulate the metabolism in the organism. One of the reasons is that when we expose our bodies to sun light, vitamin D is being synthesized.

(6) Get enough sleep. Sleep is important so your body can rest and recover efficiently. There is a tight connection between the hours of sleep and the body-mass index. The chronic lack of sleep may slow down your metabolism so you’d better get at least 6-7 hours of sleep a day. While you are sleeping the biggest amount of growth hormone is being synthesized and it is directly connected to burning fat and, therefore, increasing the rate of the metabolism.

(7) Try to reduce the stress. The stress increases the levels of cortisol. This is a hormone which “tells” your organism to store fat in case there is a dangerous situation.

And yet, there are foods which are more appropriate for others for this purpose and in this article you can learn over 30 of them:

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